Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

At His Feet

     I want to report on what God did last weekend at a small group Women's Retreat that was held at our missions house next door. The teaching focus was"At His Feet." The emphasis was on encouraging the women to meet daily with Him to enhance and deepen their relationship with Him as they do. A supernatural miracle takes place when we "choose the better part," like Mary did. No one truly knows the work that is being done in those times, but we do know, by faith, that it is. He fills us with Himself and His substance becomes our substance. The essence of who He is fills us in this fellowship or communion with Him. His true blood and body surges through our being, as we are being changed into His likeness as we eat and drink of Him, opening up our spirits to receive Him. It is a mystery, this union that we become more aware of as we shut out all distractions to "hear from Him" and to "receive of Him."

     As we gathered to hear the teaching, it became obvious that we were "sitting at His feet" in reality. We were all focusing on Him and were in unity with the Word being proclaimed, testimonies from His hand of Grace shared, and acceptance and love for one another was flowing. In that atmosphere, His Spirit had His way and healing, deliverances and blind eyes (of the spirit) were opened to deeper understanding of Him and His ways. No one truly knows, except God, what He did inside each one, but I can say without wavering that each woman was touched and left there changed. The plans and purposes of God were done, for His glory and through that, we were truly nourished. We left there knowing what it felt like to not be in lack because He had satisfied us completely.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

A Word of Truth

Abiding in Me is the path to deliverance from all things.

The Language of the Spirit

     My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, says the Lord, and my ways higher than yours.
     Our natural minds process in many different ways depending on the uniqueness of the person. One thinks logically and analyzes, while another person may process information instinctively or, seemingly, impulsively. Our brains are all individually made and so we have diverse opinions, perspectives and ways to express ourselves and do things.
     If we remain in these kinds of thought processes after becoming "born of the Spirit" the "way we see it" will be contradictory to the mind of Christ within us. We must surrender our old reasoning and way of thinking, and submit to the Spirit.
     He has a language, which is foreign to our former mind's eye. His language is Life-Giving Truth. When He speaks it, it overrides all other forms of communication if we let it. When we first experience Him speaking this language to us, we don't comprehend it because we haven't let it go through our spirit, but are still trying to use our natural mind to understand, and this is not possible.
   We must believe His promises in full assurance of faith, and it is then that we begin to receive the impact of His messages to us. That impact will blow our minds, which is what He is wanting them to do because He wants us to love Him with our hearts and our minds, and to do so we have to be conformed to His. In that way, He can communicate freely with us. This is part of the reshaping we go through so that we can be One with Him in reality.