Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Move of God

(To those who participated last time and to anyone who is interested, you may want to read any comments you may have missed from the last post. There were some who posted at the tail end who the Lord gave much insight. Also, I have posted some final comments concerning the Lord's imparting His understanding to us. Awesome!)

And now, Our Father: Thank you for opening up our spirits to hear from You concerning Your heart's desires and Your understanding. Each and every "piece" you reveal serves to get us closer to You, and in making us one with Your will. We desire Your will alone. Get our fleshly will out of the way, Lord, as we seek you this day. Disable our minds from being the starting point from which we try to hear You, but let it come from Your spirit to ours and then express that communication with the minds You've given us. We want to know you more and more. We know You are truth, and that true understanding is from You alone. You have told us that our own carnal understanding is fleshly and evil. We don't want Your truth to be filtered through that mess. What a perversion that would be. Give us boldness and courage, though, to proclaim freely what You do give us and not to shrink back. We trust You in all of this, Father, for You have given us Your Spirit of Truth to lead, guide, and protect us.

Father-We, as people, have come up with a term called "a move of God," and we have applied many definitions and descriptions to this term. We all probably would define it differently. When you "move" Lord, what is that? How does that manifest? What do You move on? How do You move? Where do You move?
Does everyone "see" it when You move? Do you move openly? Some people call these "moves" waves. Some call them renewal or revival. Some even, the wind of Your spirit. What happens when you move? Again, Lord, we seek Your heart, and ask for Your revelation and understanding on this. We love you Lord. And we wait.

Again, posting for this blog will remain open for 2 weeks.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Zeal for Our Father's House

Coming solemnly and soberly into Your Presence we ask:

When you said, "The zeal for My Father's house consumes me?", what did you mean? Could you describe this zeal? We, your Body, want the same zeal you have. What would that look like?

(Please write what you receive from the Lord in comments. I will not post on my blog for 2 weeks, setting it aside for responses.)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Unite our will with Yours


How is what we are doing tomorrow any different from praying to God? The difference lies in our intent in approaching Him. We aren't asking for our needs to be met, but asking Him to reveal Himself, His desires and His perspective to us. We are wanting His will to be done, and asking Him what part, we,His children, are to play in that.

I see this as a progressive shift in our relationship with the Lord. As a relationship progresses, we want to know what the other person's needs or desires are. It becomes "others" focused, rather than self focused. Laying our will aside, we are seeking His, so that He might be glorified through our lives in this earth.

To even be able to honestly do this shows the gracious and mighty work He has done on the inside of us. What ever we are or possess of selflessness has only been worked by His hand, and I might say, at the hardest, as most of us fight tooth and nail the crucifying of our flesh.

"Show us what you see," "show us what you feel," "show us what you want," becomes our desires in seeking Him. His Kingdom comes when we are united with His purposes.

Tomorrow we will do that.

I want to tell you about the evolution of the question. First, I had something I wanted to inquire of the Lord. Then, my husband, felt I was being too controlling, and asked if anyone else could ask a question besides me. Well, I had a little battle between my flesh and spirit on that one, but thankfully the Spirit won. The battle was not on "letting" people ask a question, but that my husband hit a nerve in me. He has accused me of being controlling in the past, and I have defended myself against it because I honestly couldn't see that I am. I guess my justifications always blinded me. I just didn't want to be controlling, and so I believed I wasn't. Anyway, I released me having to have the first question, and asked him if he had one. He said he didn't, but wanted me to free it up to others. I honestly did that by including his comment in the Sept. 4 post. Well, since no one has come forward with a question, I am assumed that it was alright to bring one forward tomorrow.

Well, all fine and good, so I thought. When I was showering the other day and thinking about all this gathering, it occured to me that the question may not be the right one. I hadn't asked the Lord. It was odd to ask Him what the question needs to be, but as soon as I asked, He answered and gave me the question to ask Him. I know the Holy Spirit put that thought in my head about asking God for the question. So, I believe, the question we will be asking Him, He gave us to ask. Isn't that strange? One of the mysteries of God for sure. But, then again, it's not strange because He says that we don't know what to pray, but the Spirit prays for us. I know this means the Spirit is praying always for us as Jesus intercedes at the right hand of God, but could it also mean that whether we know it or not, He is prompting us in the direction He wants our prayers to go. "In Him we live and move and have our being." Wow-and we think we're in control. (I think He lets us think that sometimes)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Preparing for our Date

(This is referencing post made on Sept. 4-"Tapping the Father's Heart"
It's so strange, isn't it-operating in 2 different realms; the natural and the spiritual. My personal belief is that the closer we get to God, the more active our participation is in the spiritual realm. Could that be what is meant by "my Father is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth,"? Worshipping in the spiritual realm or out of our spirit?
Ascending the mountain of God is purposely going to that realm. " I am going to go meet God, our wills declare. I have faith that He will meet me too, and will be attentive to me. I go bringing and offering, really, of seeking His heart on things, and then I want to respond to that. That is what we are saying really-that is what we are going to do Monday.

And, yet, it seems so surreal, but, in truth, it is the most real thing in the world. We really will be present with God and all His company, and He really will be there and hear us. "Those who come to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." Do you really believe this? When it does resonant within us, it becomes so big-beyond understanding. Our minds cannot contain the reality-it takes our spirit.

And so we go in faith, knowing.

Offer yourself to God as a willing vessel to receive His truth.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ascending the Mountain of God

"But you have come to Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the first born, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the judge of all men, to the spirits of righteous men made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new convenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel." Heb. 12: 22-24.

We are going to ascend the mountain of the Lord Monday, assembling with "so great a cloud of witnesses,": thousand upon thousands of angels, all that have gone on before us who are in heaven, God Himself, and Jesus and the sprinkled blood which speaks of mercy, love , forgiveness, joy, hope, peace, which purifies us. Wow!!! Reflect on that and "see" it. See with your spiritual eyes the eyes of those on that mount who will be present and watching us come forward to God Himself and present our question, having faith and trust that what He says is the truth.

I can hear that song in my spirit-"Come let's go up to the mountain, come let's go up to the Lord, Come let's go up to the mountain, He will teach us His ways." Yes, that is what we are seeking-His Ways and not our own ways, and not the ways of man or the world.

If it is His will to reveal to us, we will be given a treasure. And, if He does, we will then be called on for a response. In the following Scripture in Hebrews it says:"See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks." This was in reference to seeking the sabbath rest that still remains for God's people, and it is suggestive that if we don't heed when God speaks, then we will not enter into that rest.

So, we come expectedly, and we come with great reverence if He chooses to reveal something to us, which could require a response in our individual lives. When God speaks there will be an effect!!!

Prepare yourselves this weekend to come humbly, but confidently to the place in the spirit where this great company resides and is looking on, but also knowing that God has enabled us to respond to what He might say. It is there only that we will find rest.

Another thought about commenting: Feel free to share what things get stirred up in you when coming to God with the question,even if it's not a particular answer.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quelling the Enemy

My spirit has been chewing on the upcoming time when a group of us will humbly come to the Lord and inquire of Him this Monday. What will you say to us, Lord? How will you show us? How will it differ from our current understanding? With these wondering questions swirling around in me comes excitement I haven't felt in awhile. Just the unexpectant and unpredictability of God brings that!
I have two "devotional" books I try and read each morning which I take as God speaking to me through them. Today BOTH books on the date, Sept. 6, have the phrase, "wandering thoughts." I found that pretty amazing in itself. One referred to them as an enemy of prayer, or as we are about to do, seeking the Lord and hearing from Him.
The first one says: " Listen to Me, My children, and I will speak with you. Quell the busy, 'wandering thoughts' and center your mind on Me. In this way only can you hear a clear and undistorted word from Me." I took this as so much encouragement from the Lord to our group, personally. He knows what we are preparing to do, and He is saying, "Yes, come!!!."
The other book suggested what we could do with the "wandering thoughts" when we have them. (This could help you as you get alone with the Lord.) It says that the common enemy of the praying world is known as "wandering thoughts." When they happen, don't cast them away, but "take them captive, carry them into the presence of God and weave them into a prayer before putting them aside and resume the original topic. This is to lead captivity captive." Isn't that an awesome strategy? Kind of like, "what the devil meant for harm.....," or as one spiritual counselor told me "spoiling the devil's spoils."
My spirit is just leaping in anticipation. It's like we have a date planned with God!! I sense that God is excited too. I hope you are too.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the Sept. 4 post, "Tapping the Father's Heart', and join us!!!)

We have 3 new participants: (The complete list is on the previous post)
1)Betty Westmoreland
2) Sarah Rooney
3) Barbara (aka Layla)

Also, we have some who are going to be observing from the grandstands, and may come on to the field at times:
1) Brooke Fricke
2) So great a cloud of witnesses (more about this in tomorrow's post)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tapping the Father's Heart

Yesterday I sent e-mails to people I thought might be interested in being part of a gathering centered around seeking God on specific things, and listening for His answers. Most of us have been taught by institutions of man or respond out of our own fleshly desires in building our belief systems. Sometimes it even boils down to whose Greek scholar is better or whose commentator is more note-worthy. But does it happen very often that we go to the author of the Scriptures, God, by His Holy Spirit, to ask Him direct concerning the things of His Kingdom? And yet, He invites us to. Jeremiah 33:2,3 says, "This is what the Lord says, he who made the earth, the Lord who formed it and established it-the Lord is His name: Call to me and I will answer you, and tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know."

Monday, Sept. 10, those who want to participate, will inquire of the Lord by asking Him a question that will be posted on this blog site, and then post what they hear from the Lord to share with all. I have been blessed by the response, so far, and excited at what the Lord will show us.

For those who have said they want to be a part of this, below are some further comments and suggestions:

1) Let's ask God to cleanse our minds from anything that might interfer with hearing His voice.

2) After reading the question Monday, commit to getting alone with the Lord and raising it to Him. Write down what you get, and post them on the comments part of this blog. Any day is fine.

4) Feel free to comment on how, what the Lord brings through someone, has enriched or blessed you or helped you change your past understanding, or what He said really challenged you and how.

5) God may entrust you with a revelation that may be used to cause our hearts and minds to be split wide-open!!

We have some beautiful brothers and sisters who want to participate. Please tell everyone something about yourself and your walk with the Lord in the comments part now, if you want to. God bless you all as we prepare to gather around His table.

The participants so far are:

1) Tom Blount

2) Patti Blount

3) Judy Cameron

4) Harvetta Colvin

5) Alan Knox

6) William Liddle

7) Laura McFerrin

8) Chris Slaughter

9) Nate Peres

10) Betty Westmoreland

11) Sarah Rooney

12) Barbara (aka Layla)

Anyone else who would like to participate, please join us. I understand there are others who are going to be in the grandstands watching, listening, and learning, and may jump in there from time to time. Feel free.