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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quelling the Enemy

My spirit has been chewing on the upcoming time when a group of us will humbly come to the Lord and inquire of Him this Monday. What will you say to us, Lord? How will you show us? How will it differ from our current understanding? With these wondering questions swirling around in me comes excitement I haven't felt in awhile. Just the unexpectant and unpredictability of God brings that!
I have two "devotional" books I try and read each morning which I take as God speaking to me through them. Today BOTH books on the date, Sept. 6, have the phrase, "wandering thoughts." I found that pretty amazing in itself. One referred to them as an enemy of prayer, or as we are about to do, seeking the Lord and hearing from Him.
The first one says: " Listen to Me, My children, and I will speak with you. Quell the busy, 'wandering thoughts' and center your mind on Me. In this way only can you hear a clear and undistorted word from Me." I took this as so much encouragement from the Lord to our group, personally. He knows what we are preparing to do, and He is saying, "Yes, come!!!."
The other book suggested what we could do with the "wandering thoughts" when we have them. (This could help you as you get alone with the Lord.) It says that the common enemy of the praying world is known as "wandering thoughts." When they happen, don't cast them away, but "take them captive, carry them into the presence of God and weave them into a prayer before putting them aside and resume the original topic. This is to lead captivity captive." Isn't that an awesome strategy? Kind of like, "what the devil meant for harm.....," or as one spiritual counselor told me "spoiling the devil's spoils."
My spirit is just leaping in anticipation. It's like we have a date planned with God!! I sense that God is excited too. I hope you are too.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the Sept. 4 post, "Tapping the Father's Heart', and join us!!!)

We have 3 new participants: (The complete list is on the previous post)
1)Betty Westmoreland
2) Sarah Rooney
3) Barbara (aka Layla)

Also, we have some who are going to be observing from the grandstands, and may come on to the field at times:
1) Brooke Fricke
2) So great a cloud of witnesses (more about this in tomorrow's post)


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