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Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Dream by Malachi Wooley (My 6 yr.old granddaughter)

I had a dream one night. My friend, Caleb and I were standing by the beach, throwing a shark toy back and forth. I told him not to throw it in the water, but he did anyway, and it turned into a real shark. My mommy was on this boat with Abbie, an older teenager, and they were using an inner tube in the water. Amanda was also there, and some other people. When they were spinning around in the tube, the tube got full of water, so they had to hurry up and get on the boat because the shark bit the tube, and then grabbed Abbie's leg. I told my mommy to punch the shark in the jaw, and she did. Then the shark let go of Abbie's leg. I am wondering what this means?


  • At 3/16/2016 1:06 PM , Blogger Patti Blount said...

    I am responding to this dream as Malachi's grandma. I don't know the meaning of all of it, but because of somethings that have happened and brought to light, just today, I can see that this dream was prophetic of some things which would come to pass. The toy shark, which later turned real, was each one of these children's Dad's situation. They were tossing it back and forth, representing that it was affecting both of them, in a frightening way, and this has become reality this very day. Perhaps God in His way to prepare His lambs, gave this dream to Malachi, for a sort of preparation? Who knows, but could you please pray for Malachi and Caleb today, whoever reads this comment, that the sharks out to get them will not hurt them, and that God will protect and keep them.


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