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Friday, October 20, 2006

Do You See What I See?

After looking through several pictures under the title "angel of light", I decided to pick this one because it is soooo pretty with all the colors. It has an alluring effect, just like the tree of good and evil did for it was "pleasant to the eyes. Therein lies the deception.
Satan knows our weaknesses and will use them to lure us away from God if we have something to work with. In other words, if there is a "sin that so easily besets us," (and I have had some of those) he comes, sets us up, and we usually fall for his trick.Another way he comes is just to make an appeal through our self-exalting flesh.

I want to qualify these things I'm saying to say that I am NOT "glorifying satan" at all. But God's Word does say that we are not to be unaware of his devices, so when members of the Body of Christ can "see" some of his devices, it behooves them to share what they "see" with the other members of His Body in hope that they too will "see." This discernment is desperately needed for these end times. Without it we will all fall prey to the enemy.

A few of the ways I see satan luring the Body of Christ away today in America is that he tempts us:

1) To keep us from ingesting God's Word, whether it be by discounting that it's truly from God, or by telling us that "Jesus is the Word made flesh" and He replaces the written Word, or he gets us consumed in reading other Christian books or websites on the internet that we consider more interesting or relevant. And his devices go on and on concerning diverting our focus off taking in God's Word.

2)With money.The isn't hard to do because we are a capitalistic society and we have been reared by the world, before we get saved, to believe one way or the other that money makes the world go round. We get educated so we can get a good job, and climb the ladder of success to make alot of money and to be somebody. It's ingrained in us, and only God can rework the value system that has been implanted in all of us.
God says we can't love Him and Mammon(Money) but many "doctrines" out there try to meld the two together, having our cake and eating it too, so to speak. I see this as a very dangerous alliance with the world, which, I believe will eventually result in the networking of satan's kingdom and many who now call themselves Christians. The "world church" will join with the governmental agencies and it's "kings" to set the stage for the Anti-christ.
NOT TO SAY that there aren't born-again believers who have money, and don't worship it or elevate it higher than God. I'm sure there are, and that some are using the money God has provided to share the Gospel in word and deed, saving a modest amount for themselves. I do believe, however, that it would be hard to have alot of money and resist the temptation that comes with that of power, prestige, and exaltation the world offers to people that have money. If born-again believers feel they cannot resist their pride in being puffed up, than they should refuse the money or give it away so as not to "lose their soul."(If your right eye offends you, pluck it out.) Also, God talks about the deceitfulness of riches that can steal the seed (the Word of God in us) What is that deceitfulness? Could it be that having money can delude us into thinking all is well with our relationship with the Lord, but our heart is being lulled into worshipping "the kingdoms of the world" and we don't even know it? Could it be that we become blinded to our place in God, if we have money and we don't earnestly, acknowledge the potential pitfalls of money, humble ourselves under Him daily?
I see "Mammon" as a very large monster, like Jabba the Hut in the Star Wars movie, consuming not only the offering God's people bring to him (unknowingly by putting him first, and then teaching it's part of being "in God") but the one who brings the offering. He wants to possess God's people, and he will if we don't "test the spirits", like God tells us to. Now, if we are truly trusting the Lord to "keep" us from these deceiving spirits and submitting under Him by His power, than He will. The question is, "Are we?"

3)He uses uncomfortable "feelings"(*such as rejection or loneliness) to try and gag us from sharing the Gospel. He tells us we are to just "live it," (which of course is partial truth) so others won't hear the truth about the finished work on the cross that will set them free from his domain.

*-We forget that the path that Jesus took is the same path his children will take and they will suffer rejection and loneliness, as He did, but because it hurts or we don't want to feel these things as we carry out His will, we make ourselves prey to satan's temptations to just stop doing it.

Most of these tactics cannot even be seen, they are so subtle and alluring. It feels right to our flesh, to not read His Word, to accept money as part of the deal of being a Christian, and feeling good feelings all the time. Ah, it sounds so good, it looks so good, it feels so good(to the flesh).........but is it? The picture really is pretty, isn't it? Stare too long and it will take you in.

Ask for discernment from God, and only He, through His Holy Spirit can reveal the truth, dividing it from satan's lies, deceptions, and illusions. It could save your life and eternal destiny.


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