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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This Same Jesus

Those who know about the ascension of Jesus are familiar with this portion of a statement "this same Jesus." It was made by two men in white garments to the disciples who looked upward as Jesus floated upwards toward heaven. The" angels" were saying that Jesus would someday return in the same manner in which He left. And that day is quickly approaching-Check the signs of the times in God's Word. Matthew mentions some as does Peter. In Timothy he reports that they will be "perilous times."
The question then becomes-Are you ready? Have you, who have called yourselves by His Name, really put Him first, forsaking all others? Things and people? If you haven't, then you've been idolatrous, which He says is being an adulterer or unfaithful. How that plays out in life for each one of us is probably different, but we have to ask Him what He expects. He is looking for chaste virgins-those who have not sold out to the world and it's kingdom (which Revelation says will be destroyed) but have allowed Him to really be Lord and have to the best of our ability done what He's said or atleast are in the process of learning how to let Him. This is not just a Sunday-go-to meeting thing, and then go home and live your life the way your flesh wants to. I was there once, thinking He was my Lord but not even knowing that Him being Lord meant, "You are not your own. You were bought with a price." Oh, so that means I don't make the decisions or just do whatever I've been accustomed to doing? Right. You hand over your rights and desires to the One who died for you and trust Him to rule over you. Of course, He's loving and kind, but He's also promised to discipline you. He has to. We've been so used to doing our own "feel good" thing that there is a deprogramming and a re-programming that must take place, and He'll use any and all things to get us changed into His image. Oh, we're a far cry from that! Yes, we are, and it begins by giving Him the reins. It hurts, it is lonely, and it feels like everyone is rejecting us. But He warned us that the road is narrow and only a few will find it. Guess what, guys. This thing is real; just as real as when He ascended into heaven. When He descends in that same way, I pray that I will not be ashamed at His appearing but that I will have lived my life totally devoted to Him alone. I do believe (and this is not a prophetic statment) that I might possibly be alive when He does, and that I will be one of the virgins , who has been unspotted by the world, who has her lamp filled, and can fearlessly say, "Here comes the Groom," with excitement!!!! I hope you are too as He desires to bring many sons (and daughters) to glory. But it comes at a cost. Are you paying it?


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