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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Restoring the Blueprint

Been thinking alot lately about the preciousness of each human being God has given life to. He says that we are "fearfully (so neat we are in awe of) and wonderfully made." He so uniquely and creatively made us, validated by our own DNA. That is the blueprint that is totally us, and God ( I believe) gave it great thought as to how He designed every detail of who we are in every aspect of our being.
When we are born we enter into a world that is potentially and highly probably dangerous to hiding or changing the ways God intended us to display and develope into who He created us to be. Simply put, sin in and towards us has distorted who we are in this world. It has wired us faultily and we become something alien to who God foresaw.

When we are born-again or let Jesus into our lives, He begins the restorative work of healing us so that we can be restored into the image of the original design God had in mind.

What has become crooked, He starts to make straight in us. This is often a long and laborous work, but with God leading the process, we can rest assured that He won't work too hard or too long and cause further damage. He gently works with us as we're ready. He strengthens us with each new restoration process, so we are ready for the next one.

For those who were deeply hurt and abused in their formative years and will let God restore them, they will begin to see for the first time who they were really intended to be. And it's never too late to open ourselves us to the hand of God and say, "God, I open myself up to You. Restore me to your original purpose, condition, and design." (The Kingdom of God is within.) Then when we "see" new parts of us emerging, we can share ourselves with the people in our world, and we'll know that because He made us, that we are good and won't feel that we're being prideful. Actually He said that we were very, very good, meaning that He was so pleased with what He had created in us. He liked it. He gave Himself a blue ribbon. And who we really are can be offered as a gift to others, and bring our Creator and Designer glory!!!!! We will be the star of His "Extreme Makeover," not being ashamed to let our light so shine.


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