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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

God's Tears

The Lord says in His Word that He keeps our tears in a bottle. That blesses me, but I don't really know why. It just seems sweet to think He saves them and treasures them enough to preserve them; makes me think they're not in vain or wasted. Having said all that, have you ever wondered just how many tears you have shed in your life? Of course, we know that only God knows all the measurments of everything. He's the great calculator!!! What I have wondered in the past, and again this morning is: I wonder if I've cried enough to fill up a fifth. I know what size of bottle that is because I used to drink alcohol before I was rescued by God out of that activity.
That's a bad deal that drinking. We're not talking about a glass of wine for those who can control themselves, but numbing yourself with a liquid drug really and harming your body, your mind, and, if left unchecked, many, if not most, of your relationships. Not to mention the people killed innocently in wrecks; many, many, many are alcohol related. God really is sad when He sees his creation choosing that for themselves. They lose many years of life-physically and emotionally. I don't know if it's been proven, but I think if someone starts using drugs or alcohol early in life, then they don't develope emotionally. They don't take on responsibility that is theirs to take because their body isn't able to function normally which inables them.

Do you think that God's tears are about 1000 times more than all of ours put together? I think when we're sad, He is too, and He crys with us and for us. Can you imagine seeing everything on this planet , loving everyone equally, and seeing how they live their lives, knowing what they're lives could be if they would only turn to Him? If they would receive the payment His Son, Jesus, made on their behalf and let their sins be forgiven and then have the power to choose life?

I don't want to make God sad, but I know I do. I'm glad He has mercy and forgiveness to give me a new start.

Started wondering how big my bottle of tears is-Now, I'm wondering, how big is His?


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