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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dorothy-The Prodigal

The Lord directed my mind to turn to the movie, "The Wizard of Oz," in showing me what some of the characters represent in our own walk with Him and some of the dangers or allurements that can attempt to sway us off the path.

In no particular order He showed me these things;

1) The city of Oz-the place of fulfillment of our fleshly desires. It could be
said that it is Babylon also. Oz is beautiful to behold, but it's all a facade, delusion, or
2) Dorothy-an unsatisfied soul who has "scorned the provision of the Lord."
3) Her aunt, uncle, and the hired hands on the farm-represents the provision of the
Lord for our lives, which are given out of His love and perfect care for us.

Dorothy wanted "more." She wanted what SHE wanted and thought she needed to control her own destiny. Singing the song, "Somewhere over the rainbow" suggests her longing to be somewhere else instead of where the Lord has placed her. He wants us to be content in that and to trust His sheperding of us; his care and sovereign wisdom. She was dreaming of another life- a "better life." This is coveteousness, which the Lord speaks pointedly against. Because this was in her heart she sought out a fortune teller, which opened her up to the occult.

We attempt to get satisfaction through many means outside of the provision of the Lord. We get bored, thinking we need something else instead of rejoicing in knowing He has selected our lives for us and He is trustworthy. I am still learning to trust Him in this. He has been showing me ways I "dream" and sometimes even act on going to Oz. It's when I don't think my life is good enough for me. I think "I'm better than that. I should make a contribution and then be somebody." Then I go about thinking of ways to do that, always ending up on a dead-end street, just like Dorothy did in Oz.

4) The Witches-both the good one and the bad one, represent the 2 faces of satan. If he can't
get us by evil, he'll get us by good.
5) Tornado-a crisis in our life. During these crisis', what's inside of us usually surfaces, if only in dream, as in Dorothy's case.
6) Munchkins-demons. "Follow the yellow brick road."-encouraging us on to fulfill our fleshly
desires and dreams seperate from God's will for our lives.
7) Friends along the way-(tin man, lion, scarecrow) Enablers who spur us on also, whether
it's because they are heartless, without courage, or lack discernment.
8) Wizard of Oz-insecure man made to appear "terrible," who tries to garner fear or respect
from others. This is the true nature of satan, who's only power is in his ability to create an
9) Toto-The Holy Spirit-the one who brings to deception "to light" when he pulls back the

When the deception was revealed, Dorothy wanted to go back home. Her desire to "go home" is to go back to the Father's will or heart. Along comes Glenda, "the good witch," who tells her what she needs to do to get home. 10) Glenda represents "false prophets" so prevalent today. tells her to click the ruby slippers three times and say, "There's no place like home," over and over. This is a false prophecy, involving a formula belief system. It is tellings us, we must do or say certain things to get back to God, when in reality, we just need to open our eyes, like Dorothy who was, in reality, lying on her bed, but in her mind, she had wandered to seek the desires of her flesh.

I believe satan has so many people in bondage today because he has them believing they have to do incantations or certain ritualistic mantras to get to God or to appease Him in some way. Whenever we have a desire to still control our own destinies, we are prey to his doctrines, which attempt to get from God what we want instead of trusting His sovereign will for our lives. Doctrines like"Speaking things into existence," "taking authority over things," and "having enough faith," so our own way or fleshly desires will come to pass, are all demon doctrines. They really reflect still wanting to control our lives apart from God with a spiritual twist.
And we thought Glenda was so pretty and sweet; so is satan, the angel of light. You might say: but it worked, didn't it? Dorothy got back home. Yes, and that's the dangerous part to it. I believe the Lord allows satan to have his way. In other words, if someone truly believes in these doctrines, and it's because of lack of trust in His provision, he will allow these "lying signs and wonders" to take place, further endorsing belief in these doctrines, so eventually, after much peril and heartache, the prodigal in us will return and be more malleable to accept the perfect will of God for our lives. He gives us over to our delusions to ultimately bring us closer, when we find ourselves in the pig pen, so that we may truly return to our Father's house.

An addendum to this post: Today, August 24, 2007, I read a quote in my devotional book which explains further the mindset which, if not kept in check can lead us to be deluded into wanting "Oz" and to leave our Father's house. Let's be aware of his devices, ever asking the Lord to provide for us a heart that does not scorn His loving provision.

" One thing is indisputable: the chronic mood of looking longingly at what we have not, or thankfully at what we have, realizes two very different types of character. And we certainly can encourage the one or the other." Lucy C. Smith.


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