Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Monday, December 31, 2007

The Peace of God

Father-What is the "peace that passes understanding?" This peace you give, you said, is not like the world gives. What is the difference? In the end times, You said that people are going to be saying, "peace, peace" and this will be a perceived peace, and You said that there will not really be peace. We've just gone through a season that touts "peace on earth" referring to the angels proclamation to the shepherds when you came on the earth as a man. What did that mean? Your ways are not our ways, and so with Your peace, we're asking that You reveal to us Your heart on this matter. Oh Lord, show us great and unsearchable things which we know not. We wait on You.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The following is a "johnny-come lately" comment my husband wanted to make, concerning the last post on "eat and drink of Me."

"When we are talking about the new wine and what it is, we miss what Jesus is saying. He is answering John's disciples question about why His disciples were not fasting. He is telling them that the fast, as John's disciples and the Pharisees knew it, is not part of the spiritual equation. When Jesus said His disciples would fast when He was taken away-it was only because they had not received His Spirit yet, and would not be able to eat and drink of Him. If we are still stuck doing communion and baptism and are still "fasting" (in the physical realm), we probably can't hear Jesus say, ' Can you drink the cup that I drink and be baptised with My baptism?'"

Lord, I sense there is so many layers of truth in this (endless, really, like You are) so could you speak to us about "worshipping you in spirit and in truth?"

Monday, December 03, 2007

Eat of Me and Drink of Me

Oh, Lord. We are so desperate for you to be at home in us, and for you to reveal Yourself to and through us. Jesus said when He was on earth to "Eat of me, and drink of me." Lord, many of us are such"how-to" people that we want instructions on how we are to "do" this. But, in writing these words, Lord, I can see that it's not a how-to thing, atleast not a conscious one, for it is spirit. Even so, Lord, we want this to occur in us, for we know that you, being the Living Water, and you, being the Bread of Life, are the only nourishment we need from which all things eternal and fruitful flow. So, Lord, instead of answering a "how-to" question, could you just speak on this to us and show us great and unsearchable things, giving us a glimpse of your heart and mind.