Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Is Our Sorrow God's Grace?

Today we come before the Lord once again inquiring of Him and to listen for His responses. I pray for us that He will open our ears to hear what He says, and then, in some way, respond to Him in our lives as He provides application.

The questions we ask you, Lord, are: How does it work that a certain measure of sorrow can lead to repentance and a softening of the heart? Is this not often accomplished in utter brokeness and despair? Is this the necessary ingredient that ultimately leads some to total surrender and others to their destruction?

The questions were provided by a brother in the Lord. Thank you for your contribution to the Body in this way.

We wait, We listen, We share, We respond.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not Of This World

Hey Guys!!! Thanks, Pete and Given 55 for sharing the title of your autobiography, and be encouraged. You know, I realized when I read all of ours that they were similar in that we have all felt "different." That is a good thing as our Lord has said that we are aliens and strangers on this earth! Glory to God we fit that description and we have experienced it. Don't let the devil try and make you feel or believe that you are not what or where you are supposed to be, because you are exactly where you are supposed to be-namely, in the palm of His hand. God has taken complete responsiblity for you, your growth, and your complete salvation in and through Him. It's no wonder we sense this alienation, since God has allowed the enemy to be "prince" for now. Many among us are following his lead blindly. Let's intercede for those in darkness, that God will draw them unto Himself. This is His purpose for all mankind. Satan, will one day, be de-throned, and thrown into the bottomless pit, and our God and King will reign forever and ever and ever! So, hang in there, as an alien in this world, for there is a time coming and has already been established by God, when we will experience Him living among us and we will feel absolutely at home. Oh, and for all of you who didn't comment, this is truth for you too, if you have accepted God's great offer of forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Who Are You?

I hope that you were given revelation from the heart of our Father concerning the submissive spirit of God, and that He is incorporating that into you, that you (and me) might give off that sweet aroma of His Presence through us. I am realizing, though, that to understand it, albeit spiritually, is not the same as having it. Still it is only obtained by laying down our own wills, day by day, so that His can take pre-eminence. The crushing, the grinding, and the hammering in us is the only way that He may come forth. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

I am going to be gone on vacation for about 10 days and so we are going to get somewhat off the beaten path in focusing on asking Father a question, and listening for His revelations or insights. I have a Bible called the Serendipity Bible that is designed for small groups to study from. In the margins are questions, some ice-breakers, then more serious ones, going on to life application of the studied text. Well, as I was reading in Jeremiah, I looked over at one of the questions and I thought it would be interesting to post the question for those of you who want to participate and those who have been participating.

The question is: What title would you give your autobiography?

Also, please go into why you gave it this title, so that we can know you better-the essence of you and your life story. Please feel free to include anything that would comprise the events on your timeline on this earth, so far, so that we can "know" you, our brother or sister in Christ.

We will go back to the main focus of this blog when I get back from vacation, starting on Monday, NOv. 19th-Dec. 3, for the 2 week span.

This "cyber" assembly is important to me. It is really a work of the Lord, showing me how He can "gather" in ways other than the geographical mode that we've been accustomed to. Even though He does that too, He is not limited by those perameters, and I personally find that most ingenious. I continue to stand in awe of this limitless, eternal God, who is not inhibited by any perameters, but can circumvent them with ease. The Scripture comes to mind: "God is spirit and He is looking for those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth." And then the one about the Spirit blowing where it will, like the wind. Wow!!! We can't contain the wind or control it-like God. He is God. He is................