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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not Of This World

Hey Guys!!! Thanks, Pete and Given 55 for sharing the title of your autobiography, and be encouraged. You know, I realized when I read all of ours that they were similar in that we have all felt "different." That is a good thing as our Lord has said that we are aliens and strangers on this earth! Glory to God we fit that description and we have experienced it. Don't let the devil try and make you feel or believe that you are not what or where you are supposed to be, because you are exactly where you are supposed to be-namely, in the palm of His hand. God has taken complete responsiblity for you, your growth, and your complete salvation in and through Him. It's no wonder we sense this alienation, since God has allowed the enemy to be "prince" for now. Many among us are following his lead blindly. Let's intercede for those in darkness, that God will draw them unto Himself. This is His purpose for all mankind. Satan, will one day, be de-throned, and thrown into the bottomless pit, and our God and King will reign forever and ever and ever! So, hang in there, as an alien in this world, for there is a time coming and has already been established by God, when we will experience Him living among us and we will feel absolutely at home. Oh, and for all of you who didn't comment, this is truth for you too, if you have accepted God's great offer of forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ.


  • At 12/12/2007 8:08 AM , Anonymous Brooke said...

    HI Patti,
    When I do get a chance to read your posts and all the comments I am truly blessed. It helps me focus my eyes more on the LORD instead of my self, my desires, my fears, my doubts, and all those other things that can come in and seemingly drown us. So it is good to remember that this is not our home and we will never be content here in the worldly sense of the world. But the awesome opportunity we have is to be content with Christ while we are in this world. Anyway, I hope we can talk again soon. I'd like to hear your thoughts on some things I've been wondering about lately. God bless!

  • At 12/13/2007 12:13 PM , Blogger Patti Blount said...

    Brooke-Yes, that is the key "Being content with Christ while we are yet here. I am finding in my walk that to say yes to Him is to say no to many other things in this world, mainly it's motivations, values, attractions, and interests. There are 2 kingdoms at war really. But one day as Christ becomes all in all, the other kingdom will be destroyed completely, at which time He will rule and reign. For the time being, even amidst this world "having it's way" I don't want to help it in any way by my participation in it. I have done so, and the Lord shows me where I continue to do so, but He asks me to lay those things down, so that He can fill all things in me for the praise of His glory!! What a delicious (but painful) death of me is, especially when it is Him who is the one who wants to take me over, so He can shine, through me in this world to penetrate the darkness, thereby bringing it to it's knees.


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