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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Unite our will with Yours


How is what we are doing tomorrow any different from praying to God? The difference lies in our intent in approaching Him. We aren't asking for our needs to be met, but asking Him to reveal Himself, His desires and His perspective to us. We are wanting His will to be done, and asking Him what part, we,His children, are to play in that.

I see this as a progressive shift in our relationship with the Lord. As a relationship progresses, we want to know what the other person's needs or desires are. It becomes "others" focused, rather than self focused. Laying our will aside, we are seeking His, so that He might be glorified through our lives in this earth.

To even be able to honestly do this shows the gracious and mighty work He has done on the inside of us. What ever we are or possess of selflessness has only been worked by His hand, and I might say, at the hardest, as most of us fight tooth and nail the crucifying of our flesh.

"Show us what you see," "show us what you feel," "show us what you want," becomes our desires in seeking Him. His Kingdom comes when we are united with His purposes.

Tomorrow we will do that.

I want to tell you about the evolution of the question. First, I had something I wanted to inquire of the Lord. Then, my husband, felt I was being too controlling, and asked if anyone else could ask a question besides me. Well, I had a little battle between my flesh and spirit on that one, but thankfully the Spirit won. The battle was not on "letting" people ask a question, but that my husband hit a nerve in me. He has accused me of being controlling in the past, and I have defended myself against it because I honestly couldn't see that I am. I guess my justifications always blinded me. I just didn't want to be controlling, and so I believed I wasn't. Anyway, I released me having to have the first question, and asked him if he had one. He said he didn't, but wanted me to free it up to others. I honestly did that by including his comment in the Sept. 4 post. Well, since no one has come forward with a question, I am assumed that it was alright to bring one forward tomorrow.

Well, all fine and good, so I thought. When I was showering the other day and thinking about all this gathering, it occured to me that the question may not be the right one. I hadn't asked the Lord. It was odd to ask Him what the question needs to be, but as soon as I asked, He answered and gave me the question to ask Him. I know the Holy Spirit put that thought in my head about asking God for the question. So, I believe, the question we will be asking Him, He gave us to ask. Isn't that strange? One of the mysteries of God for sure. But, then again, it's not strange because He says that we don't know what to pray, but the Spirit prays for us. I know this means the Spirit is praying always for us as Jesus intercedes at the right hand of God, but could it also mean that whether we know it or not, He is prompting us in the direction He wants our prayers to go. "In Him we live and move and have our being." Wow-and we think we're in control. (I think He lets us think that sometimes)


  • At 9/14/2007 10:47 PM , Anonymous Neil Girrard said...

    Hi Patti and all,

    This question of whose will we are going to follow - our own or God's - seems to be of paramount importance to your whole project here. Jn. 7:17 says we won't know whether we're hearing God's message or some man's spin unless we desire God's will above our own.

    I've been adding a book to my website. It's W.W. Fischer’s “End Time Men” - really good stuff from a guy who wrote in the late 80s. He lived about 75 miles from where I live now and is now with the Lord. We found a copy of the book at a used book store and loved it right away. It’s a collection of very short articles that pack a wallop (we call them spiritual hand-grenades.) Now I get the privilege of passing his life’s work on to any who will read it. The book starts at:

    The totally surrendered life is a recurring theme in this book.

    God bless!!!



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