Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Friday, April 06, 2018


During these past few weeks, things have transpired in my life, which challenged some of the revelations God showed me, from the Word of God written in a booklet I wrote entitled Soldiers of the Cross.

I had to wrestle through, hoping to hold onto these truths, as I saw them, and at the same time, be open to hearing His voice, if I had heard wrong previously. After all, this booklet has been published and distributed in India, and some in America, and I am held responsible to what I teach. If proven in error, I was ready to stop the press in publishing 2000 more copies, which myself and a pastor there had planned on doing. 
After acknowledging God, I examined the Scriptures two trusted sisters had brought to my attention, challenging the truths I had written. I read carefully. The first verses of the set of Scriptures they gave me seemed to confirm that I was, indeed, in error. I kept reading, and I couldn’t believe what was being said in the final two verses! They confirmed what I had thought all along. I couldn’t understand why these sisters would even include these verses, which confirmed one of the points I was making. Couldn't they see? 

Then a second set of Scriptures was presented to me. When I was reading those, God revealed to me that these Scriptures have been used in the past, with a traditional rendering through the ages to mean one thing, but He wrote them to communicate something else. He was using a teaching about the characteristics of demons, as an analogy, to speak to rebellious Israel about their own behavior.

My sisters and I respectfully, went back and forth sharing the Word of God, continuing to see two different things. The Holy Spirit would let me only go so far, when it was obvious that it wasn’t going anywhere, and to press further would violate their wills, and also God’s.

Later when I was reading the complete writing one of the sisters had written on Deliverance, (which was what my booklet is about) the Spirit of God spoke to me in my spirit. Below is what was communicated, in my own words:

You can’t prove a revelation on the Word of God, by the Word of God. The added element is the eyes He gives you to see spiritual reality, or the understanding as He sees it, on a subject, or on many subjects.  It is not extra-Biblical, as some have coined the term, but it IS, indeed, going beyond the written letter, and peering into the spiritual realm. Some will see it; some will not. It is not a matter of right or wrong, but one of veils that need removing, and God is faithful to continue to work in us all, conforming us into the image of Christ. We are transitioning from the realm of soul to the realm of spirit as we change. When God gives a revelation to someone, it does not matter who sees it, but the person it is entrusted to must respond to it, as directed by God, and must walk in it’s light regardless.