Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Cross, Then the Crown

     One of the reasons I left the institutional church, is because a major teaching in the Bible was being ignored. This teaching is for us to "crucify ourselves" and to "die daily." Instead self seemed to be exalted more and more, and the underlying teaching seemed to be "it's all about you,"; the very opposite of Jesus' heart for us to follow. Add to that, the primrose path including health, wealth and prosperity, as part of the Gospel. This one has been around for along time, and raises it's head on and off. Each time it makes it's appearance, it seems to increase in strength and draw more and more people into it. Of course it does, because it appeals to the self-loving flesh, or sin nature. Then our country exports this false gospel around the world, causing jealousy between those who seem to have it all, and those who don't and think God has forsaken them. Sad, sad treatise on wrongly interpreting the Word of God. I don't know about you but my Word says when people teach that "godliness is gain" we are to avoid them.
     If one does not go through the pruning of God, or the refining fire, then all they've got left is flesh; dirty, stinking rotting flesh. No wonder the physical is being empowered today; not only in material goods increasing in one's personal empire, the focus on one's body and health to the extreme, and desire to protect oneself with an arsenal of weapons.
     The spiritual man seems to be dying, and the man of the flesh is getting stronger, because individuals have not followed in His way of going to the cross and being crucified. Of course this means letting our flesh die daily, by walking in the Spirit, so that His will through us can be seen, and so that He can be glorified through us. Like His own crucifixion, this is a very painful process, but one worthy of going through. As with Jesus, it is "for the joy that is set before" us that encourages us on. After the process is over, we will reap on the other side.
     Another reason to go through this, is that it is the very process He uses to prepare us as His bride, making us ready to meet and greet Him when He returns. He says for us not to be ashamed at His appearing by not being dressed properly at that time. So, we must let Him "get us ready." All we go through in this life, is not about us, but is about Him and His eternal purposes He foreordained before the world began. We must have His vision to understand why we must be crucified, and cleansed, and made new.
     Because we do not get this teaching in most places, I felt compelled to share it with you today. You may be one who has known that the things that are being preached and taught today are not right, and are confused and don't know what to believe. You sense following Jesus is not about "heaping it on yourself" because you saw how Jesus always cared and loved others. You know serving yourself and your own needs has not produced happiness, but you don't know what to do. Go to the cross, and present yourself as a living sacrifice to Him. Tell Him you want to follow His will, and be cleansed, purged and readied for His coming. Agree to go through the pain, with Him and by His power in you, by denying yourself. This is the path of salvation. This is the way. He is always faithful to answer your prayer when it is according to His will.
    Turning from yourself to Him (repenting) is still available to you today. One day the door will be closed.Don't be one of the virgins whose lamps are without oil, and who are locked out. Be one of them who has their lamps burning and who are waiting and ready to receive Him in all His glory. What a wondrous Day that will be!!!!! But first you must go to the cross; then the Resurrection!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Avoid the Poisoning

          I am finding that I am uncomfortable around more and more Christians. As fears heighten, love is waxing cold, as God has foretold. Anger and repressed hate and prejudice are at an all time high in America, and this spirit can infect those who come in contact with it. How are we to keep our eyes on things above, when others around us are fomenting their hate-mongering talk, seemingly with a spirit Jesus talked against when the disciples wanted to "call down fire from heaven"?
     I truly understand that fear can produce anger, hate and prejudice in human vessels, but wouldn't it be better, as Christians to not let our flesh dominate in these times, and instead, ask God to help us have His heart and mind? Wouldn't it be better to fight against our flesh which seeks to "kill, steal and destroy"? You might say, "isn't that the enemy that does that?" to which I respond by saying that he is the enemy of our soul, and if he gets into our flesh, then our flesh responds exactly like he does in us. It will kill, steal and destroy us from the inside out if we let it have it's way. We are to wage war against our wicked flesh, by walking in the Holy Spirit of God instead. This takes surrendering to His ways daily, or crucifying ourselves by His blessed help and power.
     "Coming out from among them" can mean coming out from other Christians, too, if they are flesh driven, and if being around them tempts you to also operate from your flesh. One time I heard a sermon about the Scripture, "if your right eye offends you, pluck it out." This pastor said that this means that if you are tempted to "sin" then you need to do whatever it takes to not sin. Pertaining to being around a flesh driven person, the interpretation of these Scriptures seem to apply.
     He also says to think on whatever is pure and lovely and of a good report in His Word. This seems to be His prescription for a healthy mind. How can we do that if people around us are speaking fearful and hate-filled words in our ears? I'm not talking about sticking one's head in the sand, but I am talking about not feeding on "everything out there bad that is happening and that could happen," either. This truly infects the soul, and causes a disconnect, I believe, with one's relationship with the Lord, and we must love Him first. This means following His will.
     I don't want to be among the ones in the last days he speaks of when "lawlessness increases, and the love of most grows cold." When I first read this, I thought it was referring to the bad guys only, but now I am thinking this lawlessness (in this case, letting your flesh have it's way) has encapsulated people who are calling themselves His, also. Since I am desiring not to be among those whose hearts are growing cold, (even if it is to our enemies, which He also says we are to pray for) I choose to avoid being around them as much as possible.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Matthew 19:29

     How far do we go in "leaving father, mother, sister, brother, fields, etc. to follow Jesus" and is this a physical leaving or just spiritual? Or is it spiritual first, and if things escalate or get damaging to our relationship with Christ, then it becomes physical? Do we take the initiative or do things just happen themselves by circumstances changing, as God prunes us first, and then us away from the thorns that would strangle our growth?
     In life, relationships change and people come and people go into and out of our life. I am suggesting that this is God's way of protecting us at times, and keeping harmful, even unsuspecting things away from us. This can happen in many ways: The other person may be mad at us, and we don't even know what we have done, and so they don't talk to us anymore without explanation. Our spouse may make a decision, which is different from ours, and we go along with it anyway, which includes separating ourselves from certain people. We may feel moved on in ways we don't fully understand, because it's the Holy Spirit doing it in us, to avoid certain people even for reasons only God knows, and so we trust His leading and obey Him. We may move to another part of the country and lose contact with others, or they may move from us, and so contact is severed.
     All that said, there is another question to answer; Is there ever a time that we are to make a decision to sever or leave someone, even a family member or another preoccupation (such as "fields") so we can follow Jesus unhindered and without the tainting that is happening if we stayed in contact with them? Does it ever come to that point in our lives, or more specifically, does He ask all who follow Him to do that? This Scripture seems to say that, and it speaks of rewards if we do, such as 100 percent increase of houses, farms family in this life, and more importantly, ETERNAL LIFE.  It seems to tie in, doing this action to gaining ETERNAL LIFE, doesn't it? Have you ever noticed that? If this is so, it would behoove us to gain understanding in this area, don't you think? That is why I am asking the questions.
     I truly know that only Jesus won for us eternal life, and that we cannot procure it for ourselves, but in these Scriptures, what is He saying to us? Does he want us to leave all, and follow Him, like the  first disciples did? Those are the questions  for today, and heavy questions they are indeed. Let all who want to know His heart and mind on this, seek Him and listen, and respond in and by His power and grace only for the praise of His glory.                                                                                                                                     

Sunday, July 28, 2013

From Another World

    "We are aliens and strangers in this world"- I Peter 2:11-12. We are alien to the ways and practices of this world, and to how the world thinks. In addition, as we are in Christ, we fight the fight to abstain from our sinful desires, as this Scripture says. Even as a Christian, I am feeling alien with other Christians, who indulge their sinful desires, and are thinking like the world, and practicing their ways.
     It seems as time goes on, the narrow road has fewer and fewer people on it. Some are trying to take alternate routes. Is this the same thing as when Jesus said some will try to get in the sheepfold by climbing the fence instead of going through the gate, which He is? If we don't press against the world (or our sin nature's desires) we can't really say that we are following Jesus, can we, for His ways are opposite. Many would like to say they are His, but still do what they want to do only.
     The broad path leads to destruction, and how dark is that darkness. This means that when one is on it, they don't even know it. Their lives are filled with self-sought pleasure and filling their own lusts, and they don't even think of it as "spiritual adultery" because everything seems to be going well with them, and most everyone else are doing the same things, which normalizes it in a person's mind. In truth, they are serving the god of self, instead of God.
     So, if you are following God by denying yourself, or at least desiring to, and trusting God to get you there, (gaining the victory over the flesh) then you will feel like an alien or stranger in this world, even in Christian circles with those who are in the world and participating with everything in it.  You will not be understood, and you will feel so different and foreign. Sometimes, you will be tempted to "join them" just to feel accepted and "one of them," but by God's grace, He will keep you, as you trust Him. And know, that in this way, you will are sharing in the "fellowship of His sufferings."
"If God be for me, who can be against me?"-this truth, too, will keep you secure in His holy nation.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Spiritual Dumbness

     There is an expression called "the dumbing down of America." I think it means when the bar is lowered for standards in education, instead of raised, and the result is that "we, the people" get dumber.
     Borrowing this expression, there seems to be a "dumbing down" of someone if they are Christian and don't continue eating of the Word of God, and instead feed themselves with worldly news, making them smarter , in one sense, but duller in spiritual matters, stunting even their spiritual growth. We grow in one of two ways: worldly or spiritually, producing either an earth man or a spiritual man. It depends on what we feed ourselves, either in reading, or hearing. Even though our brains have been filled with facts of the ages, our spirits shrink , and we become dumb in this way; a sort of "spiritual bimbo." Our carnal minds, which according to the Word of God, is first of all devilish, are sharpened, while the minds of our spirits become smaller, losing their capacity to receive and understand God's truth and ways. While someone in this condition, may repeat spiritual truths, by parroting someone else's words, they no longer receive revelation for themselves.  Overtime, it seems they lose connection with the Head. Deception is at an all time high when this happens, for the one it is happening to is blind to it, although they are consistently spouting words about God, like a mantra. The love they once had turns to apathy and coldness; the most serious symptom of this spiritual disease.
     This disease can be contagious as it seems like so many are getting smarter on all subjects including world events, diet, knowledge about any hobby or interest, because of the availability of the many choices of "food" out there by means of the internet, satellite TV and radio. The contagious part comes in if someone is persuaded to try and keep up with the current trends, and subconsciously competes with those around him to appear smarter than them. And the race is on; and the "cares of this world" destroys the seed of the Word of God.  Knowledge is indeed increasing, but at what cost to the Kingdom of God and to the souls of men who once were in tuned with Him?
     Come to the table, He calls. You are spending money on what cannot satisfy. His table is full of the richest of fare; the Word of God is sweet when we eat it. It is the food of Heaven which produces the souls of men to grow and flourish. All other knowledge is junk food, and puts one in position for disease and dullness of spirit, and eventually spiritually death. Like the quail in the dessert, when people gorge themselves on it, they die.
     Are you smart in the things of the world, yet dumb in the spirit? In God, there is always time to repent, or realize we are on the wrong path and turn back to Him, and begin again to "eat of Him and drink of Him." We only have so much time in our lives; will we spend it on knowledge that "puffs up" or will we spend it in taking in His ways and truths by eating of His Word,  and let this food nourish and keep us in Him?

John 8:31-"If you continue in my Word, you are indeed my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

He Changes Not

     Faithful One, so unchanging. Ageless One, your my Rock of Peace. Lord of All, I depend on You. I will follow You with all of my heart. I will follow You, with all of my heart. You are my  rock in times of trouble. You raise me up, when I fall down. All through my life, your love is the anchor. My hope is in you alone.

     I just realized something wonderful about God. Even when I do the wrong thing, with the wrong motive and a wrong attitude, even then,  God's feeling towards me and about me remains "unchanged."
     When we begin to take our eyes off of ourselves, by stopping to measure ourselves according to "right and wrong", we then can see God, and the magnificence of who He is. In this case, though, we deem ourselves as "wrong" and then know He loves us still in spite of that.  Paul puts it like this; by being dead to the law, we can live for God. This "unchanging" aspect of Him is something amazing. It's part of the unconditional love He has for us.
    I'm going to chew on that today. Aw, taste and see that the Lord is good!!!!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

He is the One

     When I was reading a pamphlet the other day, I came across a question which many Christians are familiar with. It is from the Word of God, and asked by Jesus to Peter: "Who do you say that I am?" The author of the article said that how we, as individuals answer that question, will be reflected in how we walk this walk with Him.
     I'd like to rephrase the question and ask," How have you known or experienced Him, or who is He to you?" I decided to get a sheet of paper and write down as many ways as I could think of to describe how I have, or currently am experiencing Jesus in my life. Before you read what I came up with, why don't you do the same for yourself?
     As I wrote, I looked at each good thing I had in my life, or had in my life, or was presenting itself in my life, and then concluded that all of it was from Him. I then described Him through each thing, by coming up with a "name" for Him to describe it.
     Instead of an arduous "assignment" or "duty" it was a beautiful picture of tasting and seeing Him as I reviewed each aspect of Him; it was an unfolding of His beauty before me, which resulted in His warm presence inside of me.
     Below are the characteristics which flowed from me about Him, and the role He has played in my own life:

Jesus is the Dependable One; the Ever-Faithful One; the Never-Failing One; the Perfect One; the Accepting One; the Conquering One; the Mighty One; the Victorious One; the Redeeming One; the Transforming One; the Sustaining One; the Ever-Loving One; the Restoring One; the Protecting One; the Defending One; the Encouraging One; the Motivating One; the Saving One; the Providing One; the Gifting One; the Creating One; the Creative One; the Guiding One; the Praying One; the Supporting One; the Courageous One; the Supernatural One; the Attentive One; the Freeing One; the Gentle and Humble One; the Equipping One; the Ever-Lasting One; the Trustful One; the Healing One; the Secure One; the Comforting One; the Sovereign One; the Just One; the Merciful One; the Wise One; the Warm One; the Blessing One; the Compensating One; the Sacrificing One; the Responsive One; the Complete One; the Forgiving One; the Peaceful One; the Good One; the Purposeful One; the Accomplishing One; the Patient One; the Revealing One; the Mysterious One; the Pure One; the Detailed One; the Enduring One; the Overseeing One; the Sound One; the Hopeful One; the Ministering One: the All-Powerful One; the Unconditional Loving One; the Persisting One; the Giving One; the Grace-Filled One; the Counseling One; the Approachable One; the Discerning One; the Adjusting One; the Balancing One; the Keeping One; the Enabling One; the Empowering One; the Baptizing One; the Majestic One; the Miracle-Working One; the Planning One; the Finishing One; the Activating One; the Cherishing One; the Prophesying One; the Caring One; the Interested One; the Bountiful One; the Exhorting One; the Fulfilling One; the Discipling One; the Life-Giving One; the Hard-working One; the Controlled One; the Confident One; the Amazing One; the Focused One; the Beautiful One; the Compassionate One; the Surreal One; the Courageous One; the Edifying One; the Original One; the Eternal One; the Ruling One; the Change-Producing One; the God-Reflecting One; the Joy-Filled One; the Sacrificial One; the Cleansing One; the Examining One; the Interpreting One; the Truth-telling One; the Truth-filled One; the Flexible One; the Thought-Provoking One; the Awe-Inspiring One; the Stable One; the Available One; the Unending One; the Undying One; the Harmless One; the Satisfied One; the Most Precious One, the Undivided One; the Serving One; the Non-Condemning One; the Passionate One; the Proclaiming One; the Light-Filled One, the Conquering One, the Honorable One, the Pain-Relieving One, the Sober-minded One, the Joy Giving One, the Cleansing One, AND the Son of the One, True God!!!!!!!
    As I wrote this list, it became a litany of praise unto Him and nourished my soul to realize just who He is in my life, and how He has been there for me in so many ways.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Drop the Resistance!

     I want to talk about the rebellion in our sin nature. It is some ugly creature! I've seen it operate, in myself included. The reason I want to examine it is so that we can recognize the harmful effects it has on not only us, but others too, and so we can see the benefit of letting God transform us to His image.
     What is it exactly? The Word says, "Rebellion is as witchcraft." Now that about says it, as to it's darkness. Could that be saying that rebellion is comparable to witchcraft? I think so. Going deeper, though, let's dismantle it.
     For one thing, rebellion is anti almost anything someone else wants or suggests, and certainly for it's own way. If left unfulfilled for long, a picture of the child throwing a temper tantrum comes to mind. It uses various means such as manipulation, fear, and control to get what it wants. It, is the unclean flesh manifest when it doesn't. Even vengeance is used as retaliation when it is denied.
     Someone in witchcraft puts spells on people so that they will do what the witch wants them to. They desire to control another, or their circumstances. This is life totally without God. When we are rebellious against God it is like we are trying to put a spell on Him!!!! We want Him to do it "our way", or we don't want to do it His! Can we see this?
     So what is the answer? How do we stop this evil behavior? We quit trying in our own strength to do so, and let God live in us. In this way only, can the inner man of the flesh, the rebellious one, be conquered.
     Our desire to "be good" is self-centered, and self-focused. This must be slayed so that He can flow through us. When we keep on trusting in our own strength to do it, that in itself is rebellious, and counterproductive to what God wants to do. We need to lay down our weapons which fight against Him.
     Have thine own way, Lord. Have thine own way. Oh, and what are the benefits of letting go? He is glorifed!!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Ways Are Not Your Ways

This is the word God spoke to me this morning. It was for me specifically, but, by His leading, He has directed me to post it to you, the blog readers. He said that it would speak to some of you. It is spiritually discerned, in it's meaning and application to your life:

"At the point of your greatest weakness, desire and felt-need to follow my will for your life, I present to you a higher path to choose: a path which is my will, but in which, according to your current understanding and perspective, seems to violate it.
In choosing this path, although it tempts to bring much confusion and derision inside of you, I will use it to slay your former, false perceptions, and replace them with truth.
This is what is meant by "blind faith"; moving with the flow of life, against your own thinking, and trusting me ultimately. Each blind step transforms your inner man, aligning it will my true will. Ho, I am making the crooked places straight, in the unseen realm of your soul."

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Accept Your Calling Confidently, but Humbly

     " A prophet is without honor in his own hometown."-This is the Scripture that played in my mind this morning. I know God put it there, to share with a brother who has this gift, and to remind me that I, too, have it, and to encourage me to continue to use  it confidently, but to also remember that those close to me, will probably doubt or reject the truth of that, or in what God gives me to share. So, it was with Jesus.
     It seems, too, that rejection is just part of the calling, but He uses it to strengthen one in it. One of the problems that I have had with the calling, is that I have ignorantly projected it onto "all followers of Christ" thinking that they all could see what I saw, and I was wanting them to confirm that.
     This has been wrong thinking on my part. I had honestly thought that if I could see things, than others could to. But now, I'm thinking that I am to share what I see with them, even if they reject it, or me, and to "put my hand to the plow and not turn back." In this way, I will stay "fit for the Kingdom of God," and get out what God wants others to see by me sharing what He's shown me.
     And why doesn't a prophet get honor in (I'm going to call it) "his sphere of influence"? People are familiar with him there, and like Jesus, they say, "Isn't he the son of Joseph,"? looking at us as humans, which we indeed are. But, when God gifts someone with a supernatural gift, and puts that gift in a human vessel, people let the vessel get in the way of what God has put in it, and tend to discount it because of that.
    Maybe that is why God opens doors for people with the gift to go other places and speak what He has given them and then they go back home. Just a thought. He's given me this blog, to go places around the world, to speak to people who I don't know and who don't know me, so that the message, and not the messenger, is proclaimed without the distraction of me, and who I am. It really is an ingenious move on God's part in how He's used man's technology to get His messages, revelations and prophecies communicated world wide, without anyone literally going anywhere or having to pay any money to do it!!!!
     Huldah-who was she? She was a prophetess; yes, a woman who was a prophet. Someone many years ago, proclaimed to me that I had this gift, and he gave her as an example to me, for assurance, that God does gift woman too in this way. It just came back to my memory this morning. God is calling me on, and encouraging me once again. I feel strengthened!
     So, if you have this gift, I encourage you too, my brother or sister to let what He's shown you, or put in you to speak, to proclaim it by His power and protection without wavering. After all, it's not your gift to own or take credit for, God forbid, but for you to let Him use you in this way, with the ultimate desire for Him to be glorified. Amen.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Talk or Walk?

     Talking about things, people or situations that need improvement or correction instead of taking action in our lives to attempt to "be a part of the solution" is futile. Do we live a kitchen table life or a real life? Do we just flap our lips, sounding intelligent by demonstrating everything we know to impress others, or do we actually take steps in real time? Do we offer others answers to the problems of the world or the problems of others, while we ourselves, do nothing?
     While discussion between persons sometimes sparks action, more times than not, it generates discord and prejudice. Even writing about things, can make one think they are contributing to solving things, but I am beginning to realize that it can be a deception used to make us think, that since we care in word and are informed, that we are doing something useful.
     Jesus said that as we truly love Him it will show by our loving others, and that is specifically what I'm referring to, and is what I have recently been convicted about. I have talked a good talk about this, but when a situation presented itself for me to do that, I responded in fear instead of  by reaching out to people who need His love and acceptance. I criticized and even got angry at someone else who could have handled the situation, so that I wouldn't have to deal with my fear.
     Praise God, in one sense, that they didn't handle the situation, because God was speaking to me through it. He was asking me to let His love and acceptance flow through me, and, at first, I denied Him and the ones needing it. Now, though, I have taken a step of repentance, or of turning to Him and His ways, in an attempt to reach out. My stance now is that giving them love by reaching out to them is what He came to do; "not to condemn the world (or the people in it) but to save the world." And He asks us to be a part of this, by releasing the Love He's given us when He came to live inside of us to others; even the outcast and the sinners. We once were those too.
     "Love covers a multitude of sins" and "love never fails." We can do "all things" but if we don't have love, nothing matters.
     Lord, let my talk become my walk. Increase my trust in your power to do it.  Amen.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

His Way or Ours

     To be "in the world, and not of it" is one of the hardest delineations, as a Christian, that I know of.  I want to know where the lines are. It's my personal belief that when we continue to take in more and more of the world, that we become more and more blind to the fact that we are living in it, and so it's harder to come out of it. Only by God's grace as He brings His light on that realization, can we then see, repent and come out of our involvements with it.
     God says that if we love the world, then His love is not in us. Now that is a dramatic, and seemingly extreme statement, but we know it's true because He said it in His Word. I've been pondering about this lately; wondering how "loving the world" means one does not have His Love. Could it be that if someone does love the world, that they love themselves more than God, by wanting to procure for  themselves the things of the world that could benefit or advance them personally? The lust of the flesh is a strong force, which leads many astray.
     I am presently dealing with that force in some areas of my life. The "I want" or "I need" aspect of us (our flesh) works against God's will and ways for our lives. Sometimes we choose those other things which will ultimately bring destruction into our lives, or are death producing, with our eyes wide open. Doing this is another way of choosing the world over God. Our flesh is at home in the world; our spirits are not.
     We have to accept and settle the fact that we have 2 opposing natures in us, and the war will go on until one of them gains victory. It is not a natural thing to "walk in the Spirit," because it opposes our flesh, the enemy and the world.
     This world has a prince, and his name is satan. It is him that is running things his way for now, and the only part of us he can appeal to is our flesh, the part of us that God says has nothing good in it. Are we flesh men or spirit men? We are supposed to be allowing God to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ, the original Spirit man.
     If we love the world, the love of the Father is not in us because as we love the world, we are in effect worshipping it's prince, and 2 opposing forces cannot co-exist. I'm realizing as He grows me in Him, how strong the force of the world (or satan) really is, and how much of the world's programming I still have.
     In the 60's, there was a motto which said; "if it feels good, do it." With no regard for anyone or anything else, just filling one's own pleasure, was proclaimed. His Word says that in the last days, people will be "lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God." (2 Tim. 3:4) This self-worship explains why we don't have the love of God in us, if we love the world. We are putting ourselves and what we want or think we need or to feel good before Him, pure and simple.
     What a travesty and scary place this is to be whenever we look at this in reality! We have chosen us over Him.
     Oh Lord, help us see where we are, and bring us out!!! Show us where the world has taken possession of us, unknowingly, and where we have chosen it over You and Your love! Give us the courage and the strength to choose your Kingdom, it's King and it's values, instead of the world, it's prince and it's values. Only by your Grace, can we be delivered and not go back.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Offering Our Gifts to Him

     A blank screen, a love for expressing myself with written words, a desire to hear what God wants me to share, faith that He will answer that desire, and loving the unseen people all over the world who might read these posts and may possibly be touched, are the components that go into me writing this blog.
    And so I launch out and see what comes out of my fingertips. Strange as it may sound, I am often surprised, as it happens almost supernaturally. That is why the title of this blog is "Great and Unsearchable Things." It is taken from Jeremiah 33:3, which says, "Call upon me and I will show you great and unsearchable things which you know not." It's kind of like, "ask and you will receive." (Matt. 21:22)
     I take God at His word, and I believe, although He was talking to Jeremiah at the time, He also is saying it to whosoever will believe what He says is true for them, also. So, He is telling me that if I call on Him for what to put in the blog, He will drop these "things" in my spirit, and then I write them down. It is not a word-by-word process, but just a believing that what I am directed to write, is from Him.
     Some may think this is presumptuous, sacrilegious, crazy or even arrogant to think this, but it's just that I believe that what God says is true for everyone, which includes me. And so I write in faith believing that it's Him, and that perhaps one person who reads it needs to hear what is being said, and He will use it to touch their heart, save their soul or their life, or move them one step closer to Him. If one post does that for one person, it is so worth it.
     Something happened in my life which compares to what I am referring to above. When my Grandma passed away, the female relatives were dividing up her belongings. We were asked to put on a piece of paper, what we wanted, and if there was more than one person who wanted something, then a drawing would occur.
     Well, my Grandma collected salt and pepper shakers, and kept them in a cabinet in her bedroom. Whenever our family would go to visit her, my sister and I would go in there and just gaze at them. There were so many, and each one unique. Sometimes she would open the cabinet, and let us hold some of them, as she watched on.
     When it came time to write down what we wanted, I wrote down the salt and pepper shakers, thinking that everyone would also write them down. Guess what? Nobody wrote them down because they thought they wouldn't have a chance in getting them, so I got them.
   Pretend that the promises God makes in His Word are like my Grandma's possessions. If we want them, then we can have them, because we believe that He is telling the truth. We know He cannot and that He will not lie.
     I believe that because I call on Him to write each post, that He hears me, and deposits in my spirit what I am to write. I also believe He knows who is going to read each one, on what day, with whatever is going on in their life and whatever they are feeling and thinking at the time, what their needs are, what words will touch them, and how the writing will affect them as they read. I trust Him for that and more. I believe He guides them supernaturally to this blog, and in which posts to read.
     Do I think my writing is equal to the Word of God? Indeed not, but I do believe that when we surrender the gifts and talents He gives us to Him for His use, that He does use them for His glory as tools in His hand to help other people.
     So, that is how this blog is developed each day. When I discovered the stats that I could look at as to how many people read it, I was first tempted to measure it's success as the world does, in numbers. Then God got me back on track, by giving me His perspective of the value of "one person." I have seen Him go to great lengths to minister to just one. I've been at many outings and gatherings where much work has been put into them, and realized that it was for only one person. We, individually, are worth that much to Him.
     As each one of us is gifted by Him, and as we offer these gifts back to Him, we can be assured that He is using them, and that they are gaining interest. If we use them for our own advancement, though, I believe we use them in vain and maybe even hurt or disappoint Him. He always is "others minded" and so must we be.  Let's bring honor to our King in the giftings He has given us. To Him be all the Glory!!! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Choice by His Power

     We have the power, if we are in Christ, by His Holy Spirit. The power for what? The power to "choose life." The meaning of this phrase can be far-reaching. "Life" includes everything of God, really, or that is in line with His will. His will is for us to grow in grace and truth, and for us to choose this path daily, as He's already conquered death, or those things that would try and destroy, limit or dissuade us.
     Sinking our teeth into this truth is mind-boggling and heart endearing! Our own will becomes empowered by His victory on the cross, and so we can honestly say, "I can do all things, THROUGH CHRIST, who strengthens me." In the past, I was bothered by this, because I felt that I couldn't do anything, which is true, if we are talking about apart from Christ. But, with Christ and His power which has conquered death, we (or He in us) can do anything unabated. And so, we continue to grow in this, as we understand, and believe the dynamics behind it, and as our "oneness" with Him gets closer.
     So, it is with our daily choices of life that we come into Life and Love and Truth; more pointedly, into Him.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Questions About our Will and Life-Controlling Problems

      How far does God go in "influencing our will," or does He? What I mean by this is whenever someone else or ourselves ask God to help us with some life-controlling habit, or to break a stronghold, which requires our self-control, does He press on our will as part of that help, or just leave it alone, and wait for us to release or yield it to Him?
     Many years ago, when I prayed for my son's salvation, it seemed impossible in the natural for that to happen, but this didn't prevent me from asking God, and believing Him fully that this would happen, even though my son's will did not seemed to be engaged at all in that direction. Looking back, I guess I could believe this would happen without doubt because 1) God had given me a personal word of His assurance 2) He had given me an accompanying gift of faith to believe it and 3) I knew I was praying in His perfect will that He wanted none to perish, and so I had the equipment I needed to believe strongly in this way.
     Sometimes things aren't that easy though. Currently I am praying for someone who has a life-controlling, and now, life-destroying problem. It is killing both her and others who love her. It is very hard to stand by and watch the destruction happening. In my praying for her, I don't have perfect peace and hope that she will overcome her problem.  I know she wants to, but I don't know if that is good enough for her to actually do it, if she doesn't completely fall at Jesus' feet in surrender, and look to Him totally for help.
     I believe there comes a time and place for someone to do that in a struggle that becomes chronic and defeating, as a result of their own efforts. As others look on, the unbearable part for them is that they cannot do that part for the other one; they must do it themselves. Until then, outsiders who love them must stand by in helplessness waiting and hoping that they will surrender their wills to His.
     Waiting in hope, without letting fear, doubt and unbelief grab ahold of you, as you do, is one of the hardest places to be in, in these situations. Our human impulse to rescue wants to kick into high gear. We want to give the right advice that will help someone "see the light," so that they will turn and "be saved" from their misery and despair. We want to pray the "right prayer" on their behalf , so God will hear us and respond, and come to the rescue Himself. Of course, it does require God's intervention for anyone to be delivered, but I am beginning to believe, that if the person themselves does not surrender their will to His in the case of repeated defeat, then He stands by also and waits for them to do so.
     And, how much involvement and help does the one on the outside give without enabling someone who has a life-controlling problem? Does it finally need to come down to removing your help, if giving it gets in the way of them surrendering finally to God; to the only One who can truly help them, even if they feel totally abandoned and hurt by you?
     These are questions I am having today, and asking God for the answers. I realize that each situation is different, and there are no pat answers, but I believe that there are similar patterns in each scenario, which can be applied wisely in all of them. So, I am earnestly seeking Him.
     One more thing I am wondering is this: am I wanting to distance myself from this person because it hurts me too much, and is that selfishness or self-protection, and not love?
     Referring to my first question of if God influences our wills, to do His will: I wish He did sometimes "make" us do what He wants. And maybe sometimes He does in a way. Maybe because He knows we honestly want to do His will, that He does enable us to do it, which is a kind of "making" us do it, or more like "causing" us to do it.         
     However He works in us, I can be assured that He does love my loved one more than I do, and certainly more perfectly and unconditionally. The thing I get concerned about, is will she receive the love He has for her, or will she push it away? That is really the hinge on which deliverance for life-controlling problems lies. I pray she does, and if she does, freedom and new life is on the way! Oh Lord, let it be so. Amen.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Voice of Many Waters

     Have you ever heard "respectful conversation?" I have, and it's beautiful. It sounds like living waters.
     When they were younger, my husband and his brother would talk to each other this way, and it was so congenial and soft spoken, and filled with love that it would even bring me comfort as I listened from another room. It was like a melody sung with perfect harmony. It seemed spiritual as it was full of grace. It flowed in peace, no matter what they were talking about. Not knowing it then, but seeing it now, it caused a hunger in me for God's love.
     Last night I watched a movie in which a man had this same soft-spoken manner about him, as he expressed himself to a woman he had just met. She later left her abrasive husband for this man, who wasn't exactly good-looking, but who treated her with ultimate respect in humility which communicated true love. As he spoke to her, his very tone and manner towards her seemed to cleanse her from the abuse of her past, and restored her joy and passion for life.     
     And, of course, that is how Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, talks to us. "He has the voice of many waters," (Rev. 1:15) John said, as he relayed his visual and auditory experience of Jesus, on the island of Patmos. Have you heard Him talk to you lately in this sweet, loving and respectful way?
     Many times, when I think I hear Him, His "voice" has been filtered through my not yet renewed mind. In all honesty, I can think of only a few times, when His true voice, from His heart of love for me, has been received untainted to me.
     Although very personal and endearing, I will share one of those times. I was going through a hard time for many months, and like we do sometimes, I brooded about it instead of going to Him with my troubles. During this period, I attended a woman's retreat in the beautiful hills of Hot Springs, Arkansas. They had set up prayer tents outside for the woman to go to at any time during the retreat.
    Since I wanted to go and pray, but didn't want other woman in there with me, I had planned to wake up very early in the morning and go to one of the tents, and so I did. When I got in the tent, and before my knees hit the ground, He said to me, "I've missed you. I'm glad you came to meet with me. What took you so long?"  He was glad to be with me, and didn't scorn me for not coming sooner.
     The love I felt at that time was surreal. His presence filled me with peace, love and joy, all at the same time. It was a love fest with Jesus and me alone, and it was beautiful. He had spoken to my soul, and with His words, He washed and cleansed me.
     If we take the time and listen closely and quietly, we can hear those living waters flow from His heart to ours. His River brings healing, hope and everything we need to not only survive, but to thrive and flourish. Although my husband and his brother had respect for each other which made for good company and sweet communion between them, this alone can not heal souls. Only the voice of God's love expressed to us, can do that.



Tuesday, July 09, 2013

He Builds Up and He Tears Down

     As we "let" God continue to cleanse us or to "let" His light dispel the darkness in us, which was of our fleshly nature, His attributes surface through our being more and more. This process displays "the exchanged life," or our old, sinful selfish life for His Life of love, peace and joy.
     It will affect our relationships more than anything else. From a point of "neediness" of what I think I need and go about trying to procure it for ourselves, to a place of "wholeness" as we accept the love and value He places on us, we can progressively love as He loves, not wanting or needing anything in return. We become content with His love, and from this, we can pour into others' lives. We will not longer become "a burden" on others, but a blessing.
     So, it's with that in mind, that it becomes necessary to listen to the Holy Spirit of truth, as He shows us those walls we have built inside of us which prevent His love from flowing out of us. What do we do with those walls when we know they are there? By choosing Life, by His power in us, we can let them fall down only. To choose life can mean choosing His ways to deal with things in our lives, and not the ones we have become used to in protection ourselves. Of course, this involves trusting that He "has our backs" aka "trusting Him."
     I believe that every time we do choose life, that one more brick in our wall falls down, and more of His light, love and life is allowed to shine "out of us." As I've mentioned before in my blog, one of my biggest walls is fear. I fear that if I don't control things, than I won't be loved. Unfortunately over the years, a wiring has happened inside me of being afraid, getting angry, and then trying to control things or people, in my flesh (which I know is ineffective) to protect myself from harm, or to try and make people love me.
     But, I must say, that God has helped me greatly in this, even though it's been a long process. That wall must have been so thick and tall! The desire to be loved is the strongest force on earth, and my flesh must have thought, "I will not be denied," and so it developed underground ways to try and get what it wanted. Has it worked? Not at all. It has caused more problems than I wish to go into.
     The aspect of letting Him reveal the inner walls of your soul, and to "let" Him tear them down is vital to our growth in His love and grace. Our participation of "choosing" the life (explained above)  He's already won for us as we have received Him as our life, is paramount in to this process. It is redemption manifested through our mortal bodies.
     I see a man named Joshua (Jesus) marching around the city 7 times, blowing His trumpet, so that He can possess the city. (our souls) We need to "let" the walls come tumbling down,  and not resist Him, for His name and for His glory!!!


Monday, July 08, 2013

Working Through Being Deceived with the Wonderful Counselor

     Is it possible to be totally deceived by people and not even know it, or are there signposts along the way that God gives to try to warn and protect people, that they ignore for various reasons?  But because they choose (subconsciously) to be blind to them, the deception is allowed to continue unabated, causing the pain of finding out the truth, to be even greater at the end.
    I am going through what may be a betrayal of outlandish proportions, and if what others are saying is true about the alleged betrayers, than I have some soul searching to do. Could it be that I was so emotionally weak and needy, trusting in a person blindly, that I became prey for deception?
     There is an acronym used for people prone to addictions, that I've found is good to use for anyone to indicate when they are most vulnerable; in this case, to being deceived or taken advantage of. HALT-If someone is Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired, it puts them in a weakened condition in which they may run to harmful substances or substitutes (in my case, it would be to people, instead of God) to try and fill their emotional needs. If someone is experiencing one or more of these conditions, to "halt" and to run to God provides the only protection.
     Did I not realize my own weakness at this time in my life, and so I attached myself to people who were kind, accommodating and attentive to me, and I honestly thought they were  a provision of God for me,  as we showed love one to another and as He knit us together as time went on, or so I thought?  Was I vulnerable because I was in desperate need of these things, and so I blinded myself to the possible truth that I was being deceived?
     Now realize, I am not sure that I have been deceived, but it's not looking good, and is based on what others have said, so I've been careful not to automatically believe what indeed could be false accusations. As far as "proof"of the deception, that is one thing that is hard to do, especially since most of the people live in another country, and there is a language barrier also.
     I am just surmising that I have been deceived, I guess, in a kind of way to wean myself into the possibility, if it turns out I have been. The only way I will know for sure, though, is if God shows me clearly. With all that has been said and done so far, I know that it has had an effect of slaying my confidence in my own ability to see things clearly and to discern when I am being taken advantage of, and I'm wondering if I still am emotionally weak and needy, that I wouldn't know the truth if it hit me in the face. If that is so, it makes me sad, and if I can be betrayed to the extent that I may have been, then it is really going to punch the air out of me in a big way.
     Let's say I have been deceived: I would be no different than the woman who needs love that takes the bait from a smooth talking man, saying and doing all the right things to swoon and capture her. Then, if he carried the deception so far as to convince her to marry her, and the truth about him starts to come out, and her eyes begin to open, she then realizes what a fool she's been. It is startling and self-demoralizing, and very, very hurtful and traumatic to one's stability.
    So, perhaps all of this is happening so that I will totally trust God for my needs to be met in appropriate ways, through my marriage or from Him alone? Just a thought, and something, if this proves to be true, I will definitely counsel about it, with some sisters in the Lord, and with God Himself to see me through to the other side. I need to know what it is that God would be saying to me and trying to show me through it all. The wonderful thing I know is that He makes all things work together for good, and that it is part of His plan to continue to mold and shape me after His blessed will.
     Even when we experience being thrown in the well, as Joseph was by his brothers, (which is what I am feeling like now) God has a purpose, and He will bring it to pass, if we put our trust in Him only. "Let God be true, and every man a liar."-Rom.3:4.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Love Evangelism

     I really want to do what God wants me to do. There is a situation presently in my life that I feel I am "failing at" in this area. Or, at the least, am falling short in, in doing His will. Well, really it goes deeper than "doing"; it is my attitude towards others involved that stinks. And I don't like it one little bit.
     Sometimes I think God has us be privy to situations, so He can show us ourselves, and our inability to do anything about it, especially when it's a matter of the heart. All we can do then, is ask Him to continue His work in us, trust that He will, and await the outcome of being conformed into His image, which includes our hearts being like His.
     Seems like I can pray for the people involved, but not do anything about it or them because I don't yet have the unconditional love they need, but instead I criticize and talk about them in a negative way.  Perhaps I have His love, as He is within me, but there are dams which prevent it from flowing through me.
     In fact, I am going through a Bible Study on this very subject, but we've stopped for the summer. Maybe I will read on myself, so I can find out what my walls are, let Him tear them down, and be more effective for His Kingdom. More importantly, so that He can use me as a vessel for His Love to flow, which the world needs so much, and so that He can be glorified through it.
     Yes, I like how God leads me as I write. I never know how it is going to unfold. I just ask Him to give me something to write about, and launch out. Then, as I do, something begins to take shape. This time He used it to speak to me to ask Him to reveal my walls, and ask for demolition.  Perhaps He spoke to you, too.
     Have you discovered your love falls short, or that you have bad attitudes whenever certain situations come up, or whenever you have contact with certain people? He's showing me lately, how much He loves those people; the just and the unjust, the rich and the poor, the free and the bound, the righteous and the wicked, and every person on the face of the earth, no matter who they are or what they've done.
     He desires for us to demonstrate that same love, and when we realize we don't seem to have that love, or can't let it flow but only to certain ones (the easy ones) than there is something malfunctioning or getting in the way in us. With sincere prayer, asking Him to remove those things, or to renew our hearts, He will fix whatever it is, and before long you will realize that His love is becoming part of you. The "oneness" with Him,  Jesus prayed for the night before He was crucified will begin to be answered through you, to glorify our Father, and His love flowing out will touch hearts and souls bringing healing, hope and making a path for them to receive the Giver of Life.  

Saturday, July 06, 2013

By His Spirit

     "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."-Matt. 6:33. Sometimes when I have quoted this Scripture, I accidentally have left out "and His righteousness" but feel that is the meat of the Scripture really. Even the Pharisees "sought His Kingdom" by means of trying to do what God wanted, but "His righteousness" (or His Spirit of love and kindness) was not part of the equation.
    Another instance of this dichotomy was when Jesus wasn't welcomed when he went into a Samaritan town, and the disciples wanted to "call down fire from heaven." Jesus rebuked them and said, "you don't know what spirit you are from."
    So, we can try and follow God and His ways, but not do it from His Spirit. We can piously and with judgment in our hearts, do "what God wants" but not do it "how" He wants. As we grow in Him, by the power of His Holy Spirit, He begins to change our hearts, and we find that we start loving Him, manifesting by loving ourselves (in the good way) and then others, no matter who they are and what they've done.
     We start to have His heart and mindset of "seeking and saving those who are lost," and reach out to the ones in darkness with the light of His love and truth. Balancing truth and love is something He also begins to do in us. It is not something we set out to do, as then it becomes action based on what we know, but trust in the work He does in us, and then discover He's doing it.
     So, operating in His Spirit, is hallmark to seeking His Kingdom. I would say that as we let Him move through us, we won't have to "seek" per se, but we will be "in His Kingdom." Then, all these things, what we will eat, and wear, etc. will not only be provided for us, but, I believe, will become not even something that we focus on, as we will be caught up with Him, as His Spirit is allowed to flow through us.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

A Perpetual Vacation Spot

     I just returned from our family reunion in Southern California. I had  a wonderful time there with family and the weather was out of this world. It was in the upper 70's to the lower 80's with almost zero humidity. In the South here, we experience very hot weather with high humidity, to the extent that you have to stay inside, and wait to mow  your yard until about after 6 or 7 o'clock at night.
     It seemed I stayed "in the zone" most of the time while there. (Refer to previous post) I felt the Holy Spirit ministering in me, and through me. The weather is great in that place too; I would say "heavenly." It's a place of peace, love and joy. A sort of  protective cocoon, which leaves one undisturbed even though storms are happening around you. I am finding that it is my emotions which "spoil" my time and others from having a good time in this "vacation" spot.
     But, this time, I was able by His power, to resist my emotions from taking over, and remain at peace. I could actually feel the force of them trying to get in and take over, but His power of protection, love and grace superseded them. It was like a vacuum someone might feel inside a house, when a tornado is happening outside, but it doesn't penetrate the walls of the house, but is felt by those inside. It is palpable, but impenetrable.
     One of the strongest emotions that really gets me to crater, though, is fear. It is really a strong force, and even works with one's own God given instincts to "fight or flight"  against oneself. I'm not saying that God wouldn't have us operate in these methods for our protection, but I am talking about remaining in a state or place of peace and calm through it all,  and in spite of  it all, regardless. It is actually Him and His character, I believe, which when He is allowed to flow thorough us, that creates in us this felt state of being.
     As we were on the airplane coming back, and talking to our cousin, that a fear rose up in me in response to what he told us about a situation here at home. I got sort of frightened and felt my peace beginning to go, but then decided to pray about it and the people involved, and the rising storm (in me) began to wane. Trusting God to work it out and through people, keeps things from escalating. It still isn't resolved in this  physical realm, as I write, but it is resolved in the spiritual realm, since it's been offered to God. I am beginning to know that me praying for people and situations is the best thing I can give not only to them, but to myself also.
     Can we truly be "in the world" but not "of it"? This is partially what I am talking about. When I was in California, I found myself in a literal place that I wouldn't have particularly picked out to go myself. I was with four other people, and we ended up there. Even though this place was rather compromising to my standards, I found that I wasn't judging others, but loving them, as "they knew not what they were doing." In this way, my peace remained, and the Holy Spirit was able to continue to flow through me. As I write this, I realize a prayer that I prayed many, many years ago, is becoming a reality. The words of this song prayer was , "flow through me, flow through me, open up my heart, and let your mercy flow."
     God continues to work in us, as we let Him do it. We are a life long project of His; of Him conforming us to the image of Jesus Christ. After time, I am convinced that as we become "one with Him" that "more of Him" and "less of us" is seen through  us; a welcome relief. It is when we are in this place that we are in the zone; Him in us, felt through us, is the prime vacation spot with peace, love and joy as the amenities of a lifetime. Book it today. It's heavenly. It's the place where Stephen was as they stoned him; violence without, but peace within.