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Friday, July 26, 2013

Spiritual Dumbness

     There is an expression called "the dumbing down of America." I think it means when the bar is lowered for standards in education, instead of raised, and the result is that "we, the people" get dumber.
     Borrowing this expression, there seems to be a "dumbing down" of someone if they are Christian and don't continue eating of the Word of God, and instead feed themselves with worldly news, making them smarter , in one sense, but duller in spiritual matters, stunting even their spiritual growth. We grow in one of two ways: worldly or spiritually, producing either an earth man or a spiritual man. It depends on what we feed ourselves, either in reading, or hearing. Even though our brains have been filled with facts of the ages, our spirits shrink , and we become dumb in this way; a sort of "spiritual bimbo." Our carnal minds, which according to the Word of God, is first of all devilish, are sharpened, while the minds of our spirits become smaller, losing their capacity to receive and understand God's truth and ways. While someone in this condition, may repeat spiritual truths, by parroting someone else's words, they no longer receive revelation for themselves.  Overtime, it seems they lose connection with the Head. Deception is at an all time high when this happens, for the one it is happening to is blind to it, although they are consistently spouting words about God, like a mantra. The love they once had turns to apathy and coldness; the most serious symptom of this spiritual disease.
     This disease can be contagious as it seems like so many are getting smarter on all subjects including world events, diet, knowledge about any hobby or interest, because of the availability of the many choices of "food" out there by means of the internet, satellite TV and radio. The contagious part comes in if someone is persuaded to try and keep up with the current trends, and subconsciously competes with those around him to appear smarter than them. And the race is on; and the "cares of this world" destroys the seed of the Word of God.  Knowledge is indeed increasing, but at what cost to the Kingdom of God and to the souls of men who once were in tuned with Him?
     Come to the table, He calls. You are spending money on what cannot satisfy. His table is full of the richest of fare; the Word of God is sweet when we eat it. It is the food of Heaven which produces the souls of men to grow and flourish. All other knowledge is junk food, and puts one in position for disease and dullness of spirit, and eventually spiritually death. Like the quail in the dessert, when people gorge themselves on it, they die.
     Are you smart in the things of the world, yet dumb in the spirit? In God, there is always time to repent, or realize we are on the wrong path and turn back to Him, and begin again to "eat of Him and drink of Him." We only have so much time in our lives; will we spend it on knowledge that "puffs up" or will we spend it in taking in His ways and truths by eating of His Word,  and let this food nourish and keep us in Him?

John 8:31-"If you continue in my Word, you are indeed my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free."


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