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Monday, July 22, 2013

Drop the Resistance!

     I want to talk about the rebellion in our sin nature. It is some ugly creature! I've seen it operate, in myself included. The reason I want to examine it is so that we can recognize the harmful effects it has on not only us, but others too, and so we can see the benefit of letting God transform us to His image.
     What is it exactly? The Word says, "Rebellion is as witchcraft." Now that about says it, as to it's darkness. Could that be saying that rebellion is comparable to witchcraft? I think so. Going deeper, though, let's dismantle it.
     For one thing, rebellion is anti almost anything someone else wants or suggests, and certainly for it's own way. If left unfulfilled for long, a picture of the child throwing a temper tantrum comes to mind. It uses various means such as manipulation, fear, and control to get what it wants. It, is the unclean flesh manifest when it doesn't. Even vengeance is used as retaliation when it is denied.
     Someone in witchcraft puts spells on people so that they will do what the witch wants them to. They desire to control another, or their circumstances. This is life totally without God. When we are rebellious against God it is like we are trying to put a spell on Him!!!! We want Him to do it "our way", or we don't want to do it His! Can we see this?
     So what is the answer? How do we stop this evil behavior? We quit trying in our own strength to do so, and let God live in us. In this way only, can the inner man of the flesh, the rebellious one, be conquered.
     Our desire to "be good" is self-centered, and self-focused. This must be slayed so that He can flow through us. When we keep on trusting in our own strength to do it, that in itself is rebellious, and counterproductive to what God wants to do. We need to lay down our weapons which fight against Him.
     Have thine own way, Lord. Have thine own way. Oh, and what are the benefits of letting go? He is glorifed!!!!


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