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Monday, July 08, 2013

Working Through Being Deceived with the Wonderful Counselor

     Is it possible to be totally deceived by people and not even know it, or are there signposts along the way that God gives to try to warn and protect people, that they ignore for various reasons?  But because they choose (subconsciously) to be blind to them, the deception is allowed to continue unabated, causing the pain of finding out the truth, to be even greater at the end.
    I am going through what may be a betrayal of outlandish proportions, and if what others are saying is true about the alleged betrayers, than I have some soul searching to do. Could it be that I was so emotionally weak and needy, trusting in a person blindly, that I became prey for deception?
     There is an acronym used for people prone to addictions, that I've found is good to use for anyone to indicate when they are most vulnerable; in this case, to being deceived or taken advantage of. HALT-If someone is Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired, it puts them in a weakened condition in which they may run to harmful substances or substitutes (in my case, it would be to people, instead of God) to try and fill their emotional needs. If someone is experiencing one or more of these conditions, to "halt" and to run to God provides the only protection.
     Did I not realize my own weakness at this time in my life, and so I attached myself to people who were kind, accommodating and attentive to me, and I honestly thought they were  a provision of God for me,  as we showed love one to another and as He knit us together as time went on, or so I thought?  Was I vulnerable because I was in desperate need of these things, and so I blinded myself to the possible truth that I was being deceived?
     Now realize, I am not sure that I have been deceived, but it's not looking good, and is based on what others have said, so I've been careful not to automatically believe what indeed could be false accusations. As far as "proof"of the deception, that is one thing that is hard to do, especially since most of the people live in another country, and there is a language barrier also.
     I am just surmising that I have been deceived, I guess, in a kind of way to wean myself into the possibility, if it turns out I have been. The only way I will know for sure, though, is if God shows me clearly. With all that has been said and done so far, I know that it has had an effect of slaying my confidence in my own ability to see things clearly and to discern when I am being taken advantage of, and I'm wondering if I still am emotionally weak and needy, that I wouldn't know the truth if it hit me in the face. If that is so, it makes me sad, and if I can be betrayed to the extent that I may have been, then it is really going to punch the air out of me in a big way.
     Let's say I have been deceived: I would be no different than the woman who needs love that takes the bait from a smooth talking man, saying and doing all the right things to swoon and capture her. Then, if he carried the deception so far as to convince her to marry her, and the truth about him starts to come out, and her eyes begin to open, she then realizes what a fool she's been. It is startling and self-demoralizing, and very, very hurtful and traumatic to one's stability.
    So, perhaps all of this is happening so that I will totally trust God for my needs to be met in appropriate ways, through my marriage or from Him alone? Just a thought, and something, if this proves to be true, I will definitely counsel about it, with some sisters in the Lord, and with God Himself to see me through to the other side. I need to know what it is that God would be saying to me and trying to show me through it all. The wonderful thing I know is that He makes all things work together for good, and that it is part of His plan to continue to mold and shape me after His blessed will.
     Even when we experience being thrown in the well, as Joseph was by his brothers, (which is what I am feeling like now) God has a purpose, and He will bring it to pass, if we put our trust in Him only. "Let God be true, and every man a liar."-Rom.3:4.


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