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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Son will Build the House

     God does an extreme makeover on us! I'm not sure if He does it automatically, or if we have to volunteer and then He does it. I think the latter because of the fact that He doesn't violate our wills.
     There are many aspects to our salvation which Jesus "won" for us on the cross by His dying. It's up to us if we want to receive any or all of it. Of course, eternal life we grasp readily; that doesn't require anything of us, just "believing." But our sanctification is another story. Our sanctification requires that we be willing to "lay down our lives" and let God do in us what He wants to do, which results usually in pain and suffering. The outcome, of course, is worth it. It works "righteousness"- His righteousness in us, and becomes a part of who we are with His goodness shining through us, to the praise of His glory.
     So, when we submit to this process, He begins the work that lasts a lifetime. His willingness to work without quitting on us is inexhaustible. Even when He has to strip us down over and over and over again. He is intent on making us a new creation! He will  finish what He starts, and the zeal for His Father's house consumes Him.  We are His Father's house, and His Son will build a suitable one for Him. He is indeed building that House through us.
    Our sanctification, or the remodeling job He does in us, is not something most seek out. Our flesh likes itself, and wants to have it's way and do what it wants to do, and not change. So, even when we decide to ask Him "to create a new heart" in us, we are saying that we want Him to work against what we want (in our flesh) and have His way, so we should expect a struggle at that point. And struggle with us He will to have dominion over what is in us to defeat and destroy us. In His mercy, He overcame the devil and the flesh, and He will overcome it in us if we yield. Only in this way, will He be glorified in our lives. Even so, come Lord Jesus.  


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