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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Using the Temporal to Infuse the Eternal

     This past week I was asked to keep my son's 4 children for a week from 10am-4pm. This was my shift to watch them while they went on a vacation for their 15th wedding anniversary, out of the country. I was more than glad to do it because they haven't been anywhere together, for any length of time, since they've been married.
     Because they had asked me early enough, I had time to prepare, and really give some thought as to how we could spend the time in a valuable way. Because I do better if I have a schedule, and I think children do to, I decided to have "Grandma's Day Camp." I divided the day into time slots which were: Swimming or Outside Play, Inside Games, Lunch, Read, DVD, or Rest, Crafts or Outside Play, Bible, Snacks, and Share Time. I planned in advance what I would have for Crafts, Bible and Share Time. I also bought a medium sized swimming pool, and some new toys for the sandbox and inside play. I had the time of my life!
     We went to a zoo 2 hours away mid-week and had a blast! One of my grandaughter's commented, "That is our field day." They were just as excited and entertained as I was with it all. All the effort and energy and planning made it worthwhile and the memories it created for us all were invaluable.
     On the last day,  I cooked a special hot meal for them, to which the same grandaughter exclaimed, "Mmmmm....thank you, Grandma!" And we also had a special craft of decorating T-shirts I bought for them using fabric markers and iron-on decals. Each one was so unique and creative and they all enjoyed making them.
     What made it all worthwhile, though to me, was when one of them said in passing, "My favorite part of Camp was Bible and Share Time." This particular grandchild, I've noticed lately, is very interested in spiritual things. I've seen the enemy try and attract her to his power because of it, but I have full confidence that she wil fulfil her God given purpose and use the spiritual gift I believe she's been given by Him.
      Because He's pointed this out to me about her, I will continue to pray for her protection, and speak the truth to her when He gives me an opening. In fact, one of the Bible times we had this week, was spent sharing Scripture that was just for her. When she was dabbling in satan's allurements later this week, I was able to remind her of the Scripture we had studied to try and help her not do what she was doing at the time. (Although what she was doing would be considered harmless to most, God has shown me that it is an open door for satan to come in.) She remarked, "Oh yea, I remember we talked about that," and really seemed to understand, and seemed excited to be reminded of the truth. Somewhere deep inside her I know she wants to know His truth. She is seeking it in her spirit.
     I can remember when she was a young child of 2 years old and we were all worshipping at a home group at our house. The song had words that said, "There is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God." This grandaughter quietly went into one of our bedrooms and got her innertube, put it around her neck, came back into the living room where we all were, and was dancing around and around in circles. When I opened my eyes, there she was. I knew then that she understood on some level, that the River of God was a good thing, and that He was saying through her that we needed to trust Him and not fear. It was awesome! She had a penchant for spiritual things even then. 
     So, you could say that this Day Camp was just for her, even though we all enjoyed and got something positive out of it. But when eternal things are accomplished by God (and I believe something was planted in my Grandaughter by Him) then that is the true thing of value!!! To God be the Glory great things He has done!!!


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