Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Your Eyes

Your eyes shine like fire,
Piercing, and yet loving,
Healing with a look,
Compassion overflowing.

They see all that we have done,
Whether good or evil,
And still you call out to come,
And be forgiven.

They hurt when we forsake you,
And your heart too breaks.
Tears of pain and crying for us,
Knowing we will reap what we've sown.

Eyes that see the Kingdom,
Coming and yet here.
Eyes that see destruction,
When we choose to not draw near.

Eyes of Life and Eyes of Peace,
Eyes that see joint and marrow,
The cracks in all our souls,
The motives of all we do.

Eyes that reflect Your heart,
That beckon us to wholeness,
Saying,  "Father, forgive them,
They need Your help to stop sinning."

You see it all, and yet still open Your arms of grace,
You still ache for our salvation,
And you paid for it Yourself.
As the perfect spotless Lamb.

Now, You want to give it to all,
You want to see us all delivered.
You want to see with Loving Eyes,
 No one ever hurt again.

Your Eyes long to see completely,
The Day of Restoration.
That none would ever perish,
So your suffering would not be in vain.

As we look into Your eyes,
And see Your soul inside,
We will be changed into Your glory,
And reflect who You are.


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