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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hoping for His Peace

     How does one cope well when bad things are happening all around them? We all have to process our thoughts and feelings somehow. With all the murder, destruction, and fears of the future based on what we see happening in our government and world, can a person really not be anxious and unsettled, at the least? Add to that our own problems with relationships, our worldly cares, and perhaps our physical/mental or emotional sicknesses, or those of our loved-ones, and can we really remain unmoved, or unemotional? When we see the suffering of innocent people around us, killed or harmed by either sin-filled others, or by storms or buildings collapsing, or any other unsuspecting occurence, are we to just whistle a happy tune, and go about our business, cold to the world around us with our head in the sand? Just asking. Can we really escape not being saddened and fearful in the midst of all of this?
     Now, I know since we are in Christ, things are supposed to be different with us, and ultimately they are, but whenever I see the destruction of that tornado that hurt and killed people, including young children, in Oklahoma yesterday, add that to my own fears of it possibly hitting here today, I experience the feeling of fear. 
     I found out a few years ago, when I was dealing with Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome, due to an unsuspecting, and scary thing that happened to me, that our bodies are made to release adrenaline whenever it feels threatened, so that we can either fight or take flight. (Run!) If we don't do either of those things, adrenaline is still released, but it stays in our system, and is not burned up, and overtime, will have a harmful affect on our organs. Not good.
     The release we feel of adrenaline is the same thing as the feeling of fear we get. There is nothing we can do about it, once it's released in our bodies, and that is what I experience sometimes, and I do not like it. I don't want it, and even when I call out to the Lord to remove the fear, or  help me not to fear, it is still there.
     He says we are to cast our cares upon Him, and in prayer I do that, but my feelings still remain stirred over things. I guess what I am trying to get to the bottom of and understand, is if it is truly possible to have peace in all things, even as we are made aware of the many "enemies" out there, if we find that place in Him? Or is that just a pipe dream in this world?
     I know in His Word He says that if we have fear, it shows we have not been made perfect in Love. Well, I guess I haven't then, which, once again, just encourages me even more to draw even closer to that Love He offers me, and to open up and receive it.
     So, again this proves the reality that "all things work to the good for those of them who love the Lord,", even fear. He can use our fears to draw us closer to Him, so He can bring us His comfort and peace and security in His blessed arms. Oh Lord, draw me nearer.


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