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Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Short Life

      "Like sands through an hour glass, so are the days of our lives,"-whenever I first heard this statement from a soap opera on TV, I understood the truth of what it was saying.  I realized through it's meaning, the urgency and the brevity of my own life, and, because of that, have sought to fulfill it with meaning in what I have felt are it's important values.
     These values were further entrenched and somewhat changed whenever I came to know the Lord, and include improving marital and family relationships, helping those who are disadvantaged, and finally, sharing Christ with the lost world. Living these values has taken many forms in my life.
     God says, "Occupy til' I come." I am finding out that there are as many interpretations of this directive, as there are people of God who know about it. The words of truth to work out our own salvation, can help solve this dissonance in the Body of Christ.
     We must continue to walk as He tells each one of us to walk in our own lives, as it is to Him only that our lives will be accountable to. And for that, we will, most likely be chided, even sometimes by our own family, who is in the Lord.
     The perspective God has given me about "occupying" is a picture of "holding down the fort," or of guarding and defending His ways and truths, and living with salt and light so that all can see Him through me. The first involves writing and/or speaking what He has shown me, by the Spirit, is His truth according to His Word, and the second is a result of His work in me. Only as I "let Him" work in me can His salt and light remain. If I try and do it without Him, or if I don't let Him do it at all, I will die on the vine.
     I have many dead branches on the pear tree in my yard, which currently need pruning, even though the tree is alive with many little pears on it. I don't want to be a dead branch on God's tree. I want to flourish and be a beautiful and delicious piece of fruit for His Kingdom, so that He, the Vine, will get all the glory!!! The only way that will happen is for me to continue to "let" Him do that most painful and heart rendering work of "dying to self."
     So, with our lives being short and decreasing in length daily (like sands in an hour glass) how are we to live today? If we live surrendered lives, (letting  go of what we want, and of agreeing to do what He wants), our lives will be useful to the Master, as we let Him continue to work on the inside of us.
     Some say we are on this earth to enjoy ourselves. God has shown me that I am to live according to His purposes, and not my own. Although hard, because "self" and "the world" beckon daily, I march on in His strength, and am "occupying until He comes." It is my joy and honor to do so.


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