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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Eliminating Distractions

     "Set your face like a flint," (Isaiah 50:7)  and "do not turn to the right or the left," (Psalm 4:27) God tells us in His Word. Each person in the Kingdom of God has been called for a purpose in that Kingdom. And, many do not answer that call, sadly.
     According the Mark 4, in the Parable of the Sower, it tells of people who first come to the Lord, and then because of "the cares of this world," fall away. Their face was not set like a flint, and they turned away either to the right or the left. The many distractions in their world lured them away from God, and from His call.
     Once someone realizes their call without doubt and fear, eliminating other distractions are necessary. Several years ago, God told me that to say "yes" to Him, I would have to say "no" to many other things. God gives us a focus in the call, and if we run around doing this and that, we will not be efffective in it. We will give alot of things time and attention, and the call, will be our diluted best, but nothing of what it could have been or could be.
     One of the most wonderful things about God is that His mercies are new every morning! That also applies to the call on our lives. If we have spent all our lives on other things, or in not answering the call we know we have, today is still the day of salvation! Trusting in God's forgiveness, we can pick it up now, no matter how old we are. That is awesome! It is not too late! (Don't believe the devil's lies, and have "a dropped call." He knows you will suffer, if you do.)
     So, if you are at this place in your life, turn now! Begin to eliminate those things that occupy your life which could be used in fulfilling your call. Ex.-I had subscribed to be part of a prayer group for a very good ministry, but today since God has been reminding me of my call lately, I unsubscribed from it because the focus of the ministry is not the focus of the call God has on my life. He wants me to focus my prayers differently.
     There are so many other ways to free up time to hone in on our focus such as on eliminating entertainments, obligations, material objects which require care and time, frivolous activities, and other self-indulgent ways. The Holy Spirit will show you what to do, as you seek His path in the call.
     God wants our lives to use in getting done what He wants done. His purposes fulfilled through us, not ours, are what He desires. Let His precious will be done in our lives, to the praise of His glory!!!

The first part of that Scripture is actually the most important part: "Because the Sovereign Lord helps me,  I will not be disgraced; therefore I will set my face like a flint......." 


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