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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Freedom from Soul-ties-Part I

     Sometimes we don't see how firmly our grip is on something, until the Lord tries to pry it off. When emotional needs are involved, we "hang on for dear life." I'm guess I should say, when we get an emotional pay-off from something, it ties us to that thing or person. This intial "tie," if not loosed, can turn into a stronghold, and then, possibly a compulsion, obsession or even, an addiction. Bad stuff.
     Currently, I am being awakened to a tie that I've had with others, which was bonded with this pay-off. The pay-off was in feeling loved by the attention I was shown. Something was used to secure this bond, though, on my side of it, and so it has not been healthy, for me or them. It is a classic case of "co-dependence," and is one I feel sorry for and about.
     God is urging me now, to address this need I have for attention, to feel loved. I know, in my head, to get all of this from Him, but to know how to do that, I do not. He creates us with needs of love and attention, but whenever we seek it from man, we always come up bankrupt. Even if someone gives it to us, it is not the perfect, unconditional love He offers us, and so it will eventually disappoint. But, I am seeking Him on how to receive this love from Him.
     We watched a movie about John Wesley last night, and there was a part in it in which he was seeking God in this same way. He knew something was lacking, as he had been operating in works, as a means to gain salvation. He saw some other believers who were at peace with God, and wondered how to get that peace. One man told him to just open up his heart to God. I am such a "how-to" person, that I want to know how to do that? I truly don't.
     Where is my heart, and how does it open? Am I keeping that from happening some how?
     I've been accused of being ultra self-examining, and I probably am. On the other hand, "if you seek, you will find." Each must do things in their own manner and way.
     God will help us find our way as He reveals those things in us which are blocking His love from flowing through us. He has shown me presently that to be soul-tied to a human, or to man, is one blockage that can keep Him out. With each confession, comes freedom with removal of that blockage, and then more and more of Him fills that spot. I'm looking forward to it.


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