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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daring To Ask

     I just read over the book of James. I haven't read it in a long time, but it is chock full of enlightening verses.
     I was especially intrigued by the verses on asking God for things in Chap. 4. vs. 1-6. It speaks of us wanting things and we don't get them, so we quarrel and fight. And, it tells us that we don't have, because we don't ask God. Then, it adds that if we ask God we must believe that He will give to us, unless we ask just for our own pleasures. Then it goes into (and I think, suggests) that when we ask for things for our own pleasures, that we are friends with the world. He says if this is so, then we are enemies of God! We are considered adulterers, because God desires to have all of us for Himself. He will not share us with another; in this case, the world.
    After reading these verses, I asked God for something that seemed to be hidden from me. I knew that He was the only One who could reveal it to me. In asking I honestly do not know whether it is for my own pleasure or not, but left that to His discretion. I believe this thing I want, was actually put in my mind by Him, and so I feel, perhaps that He wanted me to ask Him to let me "find" it.
     It's not important to relay to you what it is, because me and God know, but I am just sharing with you so that you too may want to understand further about "asking prayer." I know that much has been written or taught on this subject. I also know that there has been much confusion on the subject.
     For example, in the 80's, I received a book entitled, "Writing Your Own Ticket with God." Being a young Christian, I was trying to sort out everything that was being taught from various sources. This book and others that people suggested or gave me, were from the Faith Movement out of Oklahoma. Looking back, I can see that the emphasis of these teachings, for lack of better terms, were "me", not Christ-centered, and appealed to the lusts of man. What became "the Prosperity Gospel" has been crafted very firmly from these concepts, and is almost considered "truth" in many circles today.
     So, because of this exposure, I remained very confused for many years, and still am somewhat hesitant to ask God for anything that I may want, because I don't want to ask for my own pleasures, as He states in His word. I want to ask according to His Will.
     After reading the passage, that I don't have, because I don't ask God, I decided to do it and see what happens. If I don't receive, should I conclude that I am asking with the wrong motives, as the Word says? (James 4:3) I think so.
     I will let you know what happens. I am expecting God to answer, if I have asked according to His Will.


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