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Monday, April 22, 2013

False "Truth"

     Are you aware that there are many false and dangerous doctrines "out there" gaining converts daily? God's Word says that in the last days there will be "doctrines of demons." If we think of a demon with our carnal, unrenewed minds (which has no spiritual discernment in it) we think of blantant evil, which is obvious to all. But, if we think of satan, as the Word of God describes him, we see that he is "an angel of light," and it says, so are his messengers.
      In other words, on the outside all looks good, even looks right, but on the inside, and in this case, the content of the message is, if I can be so expressive, laced with arsenic! Yes, it is that convincing and alluring, even to the point where it can make you doubt your own fundamental beliefs. How can a false teaching have so much power? Well, it's from satan, first of all, and it has a seducing spirit on it. I'm talking about a real, demonic spirit here. Yes, it's that serious and worth being aware of.
     Let me even go so far as to say, that it can even be dangerous "checking out" the doctrines with the Word of God. Why? Because what is being taught "seems right" even with the Word documentation these false teachers give, and when someone looks up the passages to try and prove wrong the teachings, the seductive spirit goes to work on the mind. The Scripture "what seems right to a man leads to death" comes to mind here.  God is trying to warn us.
     The 2 doctrines I am talking about are:
      1) The Grace doctrine taught by Joseph Prince. Many things he says are right as far as "no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus," but attaching the prosperity gospel to it as a sign of being under grace, is the flesh attraction for many to want to believe this, "hook, line and sinker." And the power this doctrine has on it's followers is very strong, fighting for and defending it if questioned by anyone who wants to show other Scripture to the contrary. And, if you are one of the questioners, it is because, Joseph Prince teaches, you are "self-righteous" and just can't receive God's grace, and so in your "self-righteousness" you get angry. Whenever someone trys to cover all the bases to explain other people's reactions to "an iron-clad" doctrine, this should raise suspicion to what power this comes from. I mean if something is true, truth can speak for itself. I must admit I did get angry  when I heard this doctrine; because I saw it for what it was, and I knew that satan had unleashed a doctrine using a perverted grace to do it. I was appalled at his subtle and slimy ways, and at the same time, I knew it would lure many, causing them to go astray. Someone had given us his book, "Destined to Reign" and it was on our end table in the living room. I picked it up to flip through it, and I heard the Lord tell me, "Don't even read it. It is poison." It is so powerful in the way it weaves Scripture, that to even read it to try and find error in it, is to be subject to it's power. I have even hesitated to even mention it here, because satan uses "curiosity" to lure also, but I am taking the chance that you will believe me and leave it alone, and because I feel I have a responsibility to the Body of Christ to warn them, and share what I know by discernment.

I will go into the other doctrine on tomorrow's post, as this is getting long. The times are perilous in the spiritual realm, as the end gets closer. Satan has woven together the Word of God in a most devious and trapping way for those who know the Word even, and his demons have given these doctrines power to infect the mind,blinding people to the truth, even when they think they have found it. Especially when they think they have found a "new truth" by "revelation."  Remember he even tried to use the Word with Jesus Christ Himself when he tempted him? It is a wise thing to be aware of satan's schemes and devices, and to accept the gift of discernment in the Body of Christ, as God has given it for it's protection.


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