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Monday, April 08, 2013

He Really Does Answer

     Yesterday I posted about my husband and I waiting on the Lord for direction in a stormy situation we've been in for the past month. After I posted, it came about that He did guide us concerning  part of what we were to do. It was in a way that I had not anticipated, but it was an ingeneous plan.
     This is one of the first times that I have truly waited on the Lord. I was so tempted to figure things out in my own way, according to my will, but this time was able, by His grace work in me, to let Him take control and to wait for His wisdom to present itself. He also gave me the faith to know it would.
     I didn't really expect Him to just reveal a part of His plan. I thought He would lay all of it out at once. That is the exciting thing about God-you never really know when or what He will do next. It becomes an adventure.
     In this part He revealed, both my husband and I agreed, which, I believe, is another indication that it was God. And we both had peace with it.
     I have learned so much in this heart wrenching experience. I've learned when we wait on God's will and answer, and open ourselves up to whatever that answer may be, blessings flow. They flow to you, and they flow to others involved in the situation. I've learned that I don't know what to do, and need God to show me. If I try to "manage my life" by myself, it may feel like I am managing it, but the results will always create more problems and suffering in me and behind the scenes, even if I don't fully realize it. I've learned that when I wait for God, I feel closer to Him because I allow Him to be the Head of me, and His Life flows down to me. If I try and supplant Him by putting myself above Him, I take myself out of the position of receiver, and don't experience Him at all. I feel dry and lonely then. I've learned to trust Him even more, as He's shown Himself so awesome in revealing His amazing wisdom and ability when we had no idea what to do, or how to make sense of things in this situation. Now I am looking forward in continuing to give it all to Him as things happen in my life.  Dependence on God feels so good and right, because it is.
     When my faith is tried, it works patience in me, God says in His word. I needed patience worked in me, and I continue to need it. This experience has worked in me a little more than I had before, and I thank God for it.
      There is something in our flesh that wants what it wants, and it wants it now. This creates a lot of anxiety in us, whereas giving it to God in trust, brings peace. All is safe when our lives are truly put in the Hands of our All-knowing, All-wise and All-loving God!!!


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