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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I, Too, Will Praise Him with a New Song!!!

     I think I need a vacation. Have you ever been there? I know that many of the problems I carry within myself, and so I gave up the fantasy of "geographical happiness" a long time ago, realizing that "wherever I go, there I am."
     No, this vacation would be for the purpose of having a break from the stresses and focuses I carry in my everyday life, and to break up the mundaness of it all. I've never allowed myself such a luxury, but I am sincerely considering it.
     I am wondering: When have I really done something simply for it's enjoyment to myself?  Frequently thinking of doing that as being "selfish," I have refrained. Now, I'm re-evaluating that. I am examining the possibility that by me denying myself in this way, has resulted in more stress accumulating and has increased the need for relaxation even more.! Maybe that is one of the reasons I don't have much joy in my life. Just considering all of this pensively, and asking God.
     Every once in awhile I am reminded of the verse which says, "God gives us richly all things to enjoy." I've had a hard time with that word "enjoy," as it presents images to me of self-indulgence. I realize as I type this, that may be an extreme deduction. I am so aware that I am put on this earth to serve Him, that I fear I have denied myself in unhealthy ways.
     Do you have problems balancing "enjoying all things" and "serving Him only" and what that might look like in your life? I do, obviously.
     Something just happened to put me over the edge to be able to decide to "go for it." Isn't it neat how God works? He knows what we, as His particular child needs, to move forward, and when that is provided, we can quickly decide.
     Yes, He gives us richly all things to enjoy! I am praying for myself and for those of you who also have a problem in this area, for God's help to be able to lay back and take in with peace the things He gives us and to truly enjoy them. Somehow I think that this is showing gratitude to Him for His gifts to us; kind of like worship. Hmmmmm....................
like joining in praise with all creation for the marvelous things He has done!!!


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