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Monday, March 25, 2013

Let God be True and Every Man a Liar!!!

     "Let God be true, and  every man a liar!"-this is my theme song now. By this I mean that only God knows the heart of a man, the motives of a man, and the truthfulness of a man. If we try and figure that out before "time" our own untruthfulness, or our insights or perspectives, and even perceived discernment will certainly "lie" to us, as we all still "see through a glass darkly." In fact, Paul says he doesn't even judge himself, and even if his conscience is clear, doesn't mean he is innocent. That is hard to believe, isn't it, but it's right there in 1 Cor. 4:1-5.
     God spoke to my spirit a long time ago, and said that "the devil has 'seems'." In other words, when something "seems" right to us, or something "seems" plausible, or even reasonable, etc. it could only be satan masquerading as a angel of light in order to steer us the wrong way, showing ourselves, perhaps that we really do trust in our own perceptions and feelings. If this is true, we are vulnerable to satan lying to us through them. If we put our trust in God completely, we have immunity from that.
     But how are we to even life like this, especially when a situation presents itself in our lives, where there is lying going on? How can we, in our own limited seeing, know truth from a lie, or are we even supposed to? Is that God's territory only?
     God knows, and the guilty know, and maybe some of the innocent who have seen the guilty do their deeds, but that is really all! Outsiders, or people who have "heard" what others have been "accused" of, only know what they've heard people say. When they repeat it, it's gossip, and if the person is innocent, it is then slander.
    Since my husband and I are dealing with this type of situation we are having to seek God, and examine our own selves in the process. I have seen how I have handled situations like this wrongly in the past, and I am seeing how others are handling this situation wrongly now. I am praying I will not end up cynical towards others through all of this, but will understand what God is wanting me personally to see.
     Operating in our flesh causes us to make a judgement, pick sides and wound perhaps innocent people along the way. I'm getting now why Jesus said not to pull the tares up-because you might damage the innocent in the process. When in the Spirit, we take it to God first, trust Him to answer us in His time and way, and remain neutral as to the guilty or innocent ones. This is hard, as I am finding within myself, that my flesh wants quick resolve. In that Cor. verse, God speaks of the "appointed time" and I am supposing that means that He will bring things to light, when He decides, and not us.
     With too many voices saying this and saying that, we can't hear God clearly, so we are getting ready to turn off the radio, and tune in to the Spirit of God only. What goes on in our own minds, is enough to try and quiet, much less other peoples' voices.
     So, seeking truth is about seeking God. He promises that if you seek Him you will find Him, and so we rest on that and rest in that. It is going to be amazing how He reveals Himself in this situation to us. We know for sure that we certainly can not weed through all the mess. We've been in this helpless position before when our own family was a tangled ball of yarn. When we tried to untangle it, it only became worse and more tangled. Finally we let go and appealed to the One who can do the impossible, and He worked His miracle. We are likewise appealing to Him again in this same manner, and we are set and ready to "stand back and watch the glory of God," revealed.


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