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Friday, March 15, 2013

Straightening Up

      Living in the stress free zone is awesome! I'm not saying I don't feel external stress in my day, but I am saying that when I remain under the shadow of the Almighty, there is peace amidst the storm. Peace within. The temptation is great to come outside of this place, and rescue "those who are perishing" so to speak, but I can't. Instead the Lord has taught me to pray His perfect will to restore all things, and to lift up the particular person I see struggling and faltering, believing Him for this in their life.
    I honestly believe that when they are lifted up in prayer, according to His will to restore, that He beefs up the work on the inside of them, and that by praying this way, I am helping the best I can. I know this is true, as I begin to observe the changes that are being made. And,  it not only helps others around me, but it helps me too. When we stay in our place, God is then free to work on others. I know He is free anyway, but if we are in the way, I think that sometimes He works in us to let go, so that He can then restore them unhindered.
     So, when things are aligned, all things improve. Praise God He makes the crooked places straight in us, others, and He will  restore all things one day.      


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