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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Impacted for Glory!

     I am thinking about the difference between God "making us" do something, and of Him "causing us" to do something which is lined up with His will. He impacts our decisions by unknown pressures or circumstances, and even by how He has created our unique thought processes and the way in which we perceive things, even if we are not aware of that. He is a marvelously, mysterious God!
     There is a quote in the Bible that someone says like this:"Oh God, I believe. Help my unbelief." This is an example of what I am saying. On some level this person, knows that only God can impact the inside of us in such a way, as to help us turn from unbelief to belief or he wouldn't have asked Him to do it, would he? The Spirit of God on the inside of those who have received Him, does so many things in us, which "causes"  us to grow and see more clearly, and move in us in such as way, as to "make all things new" in us. He goes, blows, and impacts us in those tiny cracks and crevices we can't see. (The Holy Spirit is like the wind; we can't contain Him.)
     If He didn't, we couldn't. What couldn't we do? We couldn't choose Him, we couldn't believe Him, we couldn't turn from the old unto the new, and we couldn't grow. We couldn't bring Him any glory with our lives.
     "In Him we live and move and have our being." This reality cannot be tapped, but it can be believed. We can count on Him to do His work in us, and although we still have our own wills, He impacts them in such a way as to "cause us", not "make us" to choose life in Him, so that we can walk in newness of Life for the praise of His glory. I don't mind, in fact I count on, His mysterious and wonderful influence on the inside of me, and am grateful for it.  My own resources are powerless apart from THE SOURCE, as I abide in Him.
      If this sounds irresponsible, it's not. It's dependency, a condition the Lord desires, as it reveals that we truly trust in Him for all things. It can only happen when we give our own will over to Him, and even this He "causes" if we don't fight against Him. And if we do, He can handle that too. "I can make my own stand or fall," He says.



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