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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Becoming God's Mouthpiece

     A few years ago, a friend of mine, was researching the Scriptures so that she could understand more fully what is meant by "speaking the truth in love," and then start putting it into practice. I admired her interest and dedicated in doing that, even though I don't know what she found out. It sparked by own interest in the same.
     Sometimes presenting the truth to someone is difficult, especially if they are currently believing something that you believe is false, or not in line with God's word and ways.
     A loving heart towards them, and for their restoration is necessary to do this. Most of us shrink back from this kind of confrontation from fear of rejection or we tell ourselves that we would be interferring, thereby relieving ourselves from this responsibility we have one to another in the Body of Christ.
     When do we approach someone to share with them that what they are saying, believing, and teaching is false? It is always according to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, as only He knows those who will receive or those who, although they may reject what is presented now, will in time, receive it later.
      How shall they know unless there is a preacher? This quote from Scripture indicates that many are ignorant, and that their faith may be fueled by hearing the truth. They would be given an alternate view of what they are currently believing, and possibly turn. So, I believe, it is imperative that we go forward as the Spirit leads us and be that mouthpiece, trusting the outcome to Him. Our fleshly fears and the enemy  try and keep us quiet from declaring the testimony of Jesus; too much of the time we acquiesce.
     What difference does it make if we do? God, by His Spirit, as the Scripture says "makes the crooked places straight" in us and brings healing. As His ambassadors on earth, many times He wants us to speak the truth in love, and by that, those places in each other are made straight, or we turn from what is false, and unto the truth. As we do, we are set free, and become a more whole and sound Body, which truly represents Him. So, there is a healing factor that comes with lovingly presenting the truth to one another. We all "see through a glass darkly" and so not one of us has been fully purified or walks in wholeness. We can help each other heal, if our pride will let us.
     God is wholeness, and He desires wholeness in His many membered Body. Each one of us needs to not only hear His voice for our own growth and turn, but also so that we can be ready in season to share what He's shown us, in both word and deed, to each other. This is the desire of God, I believe. That we would humble ourselves enough to have the courage to share in edification and correction with others, and to be able to receive as we trust our brothers and sisters' loving motivations on our behalf, as they share with us.
     "He is making all things new in us"-sometimes He uses His Body to do this. Open yourself up to His voice to speak the truth in love to another, for this most noble task. He will provide all that you need to do it.


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