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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ignoring God's Wisdom

     I have just been made aware of our responsibility in the things that have "happened" to us in our lives. While it is true, as infants and young children, there are traumatic things that might happen where one is truly a victim. But, as we get older, and accessible to God's wisdom, we often ignore it, put ourselves in vulnerable positions, and then someone takes advantage of us, resulting in harmful or hurtful violations. And ignoring God's wisdom is no small thing, as it signifies trust in ourselves above God. It is an exalted position; a prideful one. It is idolatry; it is sin.
     Most of the time because we were hurt by someone else we have focused on their sin, instead of our own choices which led us there. An example might be someone who hangs out with the wrong people. They know that it is not wise to do so, but they continue doing it. These people might be drinking all the time, doing drugs, and even into stealing or other criminal activities. Before the person started hanging out with this group, there were probably a few, if not many people who had warned this person of the dangers, and yet they chose to ignore them. (Shutting out God's voice through others) So they continue on. One day they discover their wallet has been stolen, and then no one in the group admits to doing it. They may even be ambivalent about it, or even laugh.
     How does the person usually react? He is angry and feels betrayed by "his friends." If there was any trust between them at all, most of that has been destroyed. So hurt feelings and blame becomes part of the picture. He's thinking and may say, "Can you believe they did that to me?"
     In letting God search us and know us to see if there is any wicked way in us, we must let Him reveal the parts of us that have ignored our own sin, even if something bad has happened to us as a result. I must admit I missed this part (my part) in situations where I was sinned against. The trauma was so horrendous that my own part in it remained hidden. Until last night. Oh, God is still about the business of revealing things to us, as we allow Him to, so that we can be set free!!! And I thank Him for it!!!
     As we acknowledge our sin of ignoring His wisdom, by setting our hearts and minds in doing our own thing, and receive His forgiveness for those sins, and trust Him to do it, He brings His healing in those tiny cracks that had previously been in bondage.When He knows our hearts are truly for Him coming inside of us and working His restoration, He will begin to bring us back to those events in which we have done that.  I'm so thankful for that. I depend on it. We can't get inside ourselves and see those hidden things that we want to get rid of. Only He can. Restore me completely, even if it hurts (and it does) even if it kills me ( and it will-thank God) Even so, come Lord Jesus.


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