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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Listening to His Voice in All Things

     If you've read the blog before, maybe you've wondered why I don't reference Scripture very much as I write. This is for various reasons. For one, I omit them some times because by citing them doesn't prove what I've said is correct or true. So many false doctrines have cited the Bible in an attempt "to prove" that what they are writing is true by doing this, and so many interpretations of a verse or verses has led many astray, or even a new denomination has been formed around them.
     Without a doubt, I truly believe that what the Scriptures say are absolutely true. It's just that when men get ahold of them in their unredeemed minds or hearts and try to use those senses to understand truth and express it, then they unknowingly pervert God's intentions by what He, through men, has written.
    So, I am trusting that if you see something far-fetched (and I realize that many things I write are unconventional and seem that way) then you will go to the Word of God and look it up yourselves. More importantly, that you will ask the Spirit of truth to interpret it for you. "Good Bereans" God calls those.
     I trust that when I write what I do, that God has given me what to write. How a person in Lituania, or China, or America, or Germany interprets it, I too, trust to God, the all-knowing One. I can't "make" you see what I see, as I write, but God can "cause" you to, if what I am writing is something you need to know and understand. Or He can move on you to open His Word, and lead you to where you need to read, and minister to you in that way. Oh, His ways are past finding out! So multi-faceted and fascinating, He is!!!
    The main thing in reading others' writings about God or in reading His Word, or even in listening to someone speak about God is to trust and rely on His Holy Spirit's leading in all of it.  We can be confident that He is who He says He is, and He will do what He says He will-HE WILL LEAD YOU INTO ALL TRUTH!!!!


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