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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Insufficiency of Our Sufficiency

     Whenever I try to run my life apart from His control, I've found increasingly, as I walk with Him longer, that I soon "get in the flesh," outside the covering of the Lord, and things just don't go well.  I'm wondering if it's His grace which accelerates my ability to realize that the peace leaves me, making it more attractive to stay in step with His Spirit, or just that, because of the fact that I've been in Him for a long time that He expects more from me. Either way, the fact is becoming obvious to me that my "sufficiency" is woefully "insufficient."
     If I try to do anything, I fail. And I'm not talking about things like brushing my teeth, etc., but in my relationship with people. I don't respond right, or I'm mean, or I control, or a number of other things which are not conducive for life either for me or them.
      Instead of me just saying that I know in my "flesh is nothing good,"  I believe He wants me to really KNOW it and be done with it, and walk in the Spirit. You know, God says, (and He doesn't lie), that we have been given everything for life and godliness, so it's not that we are incapable, but it's that we choose (ouch) to keep on doing things "our way."
     Remember that song by Frank Sinatra called, "My Way"? I heard someone say that it is the theme song of hell, and in a way, they are right, because when someone never submits under the Lordship of Christ, that is where he will be headed. By not believing in Him, but ourselves and our own sufficiency, we deny His leadership in our lives. How can you call Him Lord, and yet do your own thing? It really is oxymoronic to live in that state of being, and one we all need to be delivered of, and the sooner the better. The only life that is truly sufficient is the one submitted to His grace.


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