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Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's So Much Bigger than Our Little Lives!

     We are waiting for God to reveal Himself in a situation in our lives. He hasn't yet, but that doesn't mean He won't. In fact, we are expecting Him too. How often we manipulate circumstances by what we say, do or think so that things will turn out our way, and then try and fool ourselves into thinking that God revealed Himself. Our anxiety of waiting gets the best of us, and we (even subconsciously) take things in our own hands with just a little phone call or comment made to someone else involved in the situation. I know I've done that. I am looking back on many occasions when I've operated in that M.O. Lying, lying spirits nipping at our heels!!!
     We have been influenced by what others may think, or by trying to rescue someone from having hurt feelings, or even by our own wants and needs instead of truly submitting to however God works it out. One of the safeguards, I am learning, in being a wife, when it's a joint decision, is in not going beyond what one's husband says. Having done that before, I can honestly say that it can open you right up to being vulnerable to the assaults of the enemy. So, God designs a protection for us wives in this. Not surrendering to it makes us a target, with increased trouble and pain ahead!
    So, we wait even though it's been a couple of weeks, and if I was operating in my old way of doing things, I would believe a decision would be imminent, because there is a potential timeline in all of this. But, I trust God, and I wait on Him to either make it clear to us, or if He doesn't, and my husband makes a decision anyway, to go with that. Even if he hasn't heard from God, I am still covered. I don't know how all that works, but it works. (Something I've had to be careful of is to not unduly influence my husband to what I want to happen either. )
     Truly surrendering to God in what He decides is the ticket. Maybe He has prolonged showing us something until He worked in me to help me lay down some attachments I have had. I know that He showed some things yesterday that I did lay down. So, what seems to us like Him being slow in revealing His will is Him doing things on the inside of  people who are involved. I mean He is all about "making the crooked places straight in us," so that the restoring of  all things will come to pass. So our little involvements and decisions that we see as such a big thing, is usually so insignificant in comparison to His plan which is so much bigger than we have known or realized. It's about Him completing His will of redemption and restoration in all of creation, and how what is happening in our lives, is such a tiny part of that!




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