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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fall on the Rock, or the Rock will Fall on You

     I really love the fact that God's redemptive power is so thorough that it burns out the tiniest little fleck of wickedness in all things. I can't tell you how He does this, or even what that looks like, but I can tell  you that He does it and He will continue to do it until all that remains is of His eternal Kingdom. Perfection has come, and perfection will redeem!
     That means we don't have to be ruffled by those things that are hidden, but when God decides to reveal those things in darkness, they will be revealed, and His judgements will show them for what they are, and burn up all impurities. By not submitting ourselves and the things in us to the scrutiny of God now, and receive the mercy He offers us through Jesus Christ, all that is left is His judgement. Why? Because our sins are still hanging out there unatoned for, if you will. They aren't washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ, although they could be, if only we give them to Him.
     The Word declares in many places that nothing and no one can stand the wrath and cleansing of God unless they are covered by Jesus Christ's finished work on the cross offered to all of mankind, if they will receive. Exactly what the wrath of God looks like and when it will be poured out I don't know. I do know it won't be a good thing, except that it will remove the wickedness forever and ever.
     Fearing the Lord is a good thing, because it shows that someone believes that God is all powerful and He has a right to do as He sees best. It shows a trust in His judgements. But, when someone fears Him, then they will decide also to receive the new Life He offers them. He wills that none will perish! He invites you to come into His family through accepting the death of Jesus Christ, His Son, on your behalf. God offered Him willingly for  you, and He still extends that offer even now. Will you respond to Him, or if not, His wrath only awaits you. His purging will happen one way or the other.


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