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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Can't Fool God

     "In our flesh is no good thing,"-God has spoken this, through Paul, in His word. This has to be settled (believed) by us to go on with God's plan of maturing us. We have to know, though, that it is not our flesh that He is maturing. We mature when we allow our flesh to die or be destroyed, that the Life of God, through Christ Jesus can shine through us. So  if your flesh responds wickedly, it is just being exposed for what it is. If it is being "nice" it is being deceptive and "all dressed up" full of guile.
     If we are sincere about glorifying God in our lives, we will just reckon ourselves dead, by letting ourselves die with the sword He desires to kill it with. No cross; no resurrection. Attempting to by pass it will only lead to pretensious flesh wanting the glory, and "acting" like it is glorying God. God knows who has passed through the fire, and who hasn't . To try and fool Him is being a fool in itself. Flesh is not spirit and spirit is not flesh, and the two will never meet.


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