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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reading the Word from a New Perspective

     After we, as Christians, get over doing things out of obligation, we can really get into His Word and focus on seeing Him in it. Getting to know Him, in who He is, and who we are in relationship to Him is the path of Life. Before we reach this place, we have usually walked down the paths of "how to do" or "when to do" or even "why to do," and it has left us wanting, meaning we never quite arrive, and are left unsatisfied. Because we aren't satisfied with ourselves, and rightly so, causes us to press in further until we get to the place of Living Water flowing from the City of God which is Christ Himself. I think it is so awesome how His Holy Spirit guides us into all truth, and He guides us until we get to the Truth made flesh; our only source of Joy and Completion.
We may have to travel far and wide and go to places of exhaustion, disappointment and futility first,  but if we keep traveling, He will lead us to Him.
     Then, we can begin life that is truly life. Reading His Word no longer becomes a spiritual discipline or a self-made contest or something we must endure as we muddle through, but it becomes something we eat and take in and let digest in our spirits. I believe there is a mystical element to it. He is called the Word made flesh, and by reading the written Word, something happens in us, as we assimilate it by our spirit, and not by our minds. We don't even have to try and understand it, but we just read and believe it, and let the results of that just flow, knowing that He watches over His Word to perform it.
     It is so freeing to not come from a position of "having" to do something, but in wanting to do it. As our spirits are made more alive by abiding in Him, we then begin to see so many different levels of understanding as we read, as then we discern it spiritually. It's only when we try and understand it with our minds that it begins to get confusing and seemingly contradictory. Then we try and rectify the dichotomies we see, and try and resolve them with our minds, causing more disturbance within ourselves, and out goes the peace. Why not instead just keep reading and absorbing with our spirits, trusting Him to bring any resolution that is needed? Trusting Him  in all things brings peace.

When my grandaughter, Shelby, was 2 years old, we were meeting with other believers in our home, and when we played this song, many of us were meditating on the Lord as it played, and we had our eyes closed, myself included. When I opened my eyes, she had gone in the back room, and gotten her inner tube, put it around her, come back out in the living room, was standing in the middle of everyone, and swirling around freely. What a sign of God! She was communicating that she was jumping in the river, and we should too!


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