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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Out of Death!!!

     I just came through a 5.5 emotional earthquake, believing that God has worked something of Himself inside me. Some of my flesh was brought to the cross, causing my pride to be buried in the rubble, never to be seen again. Thank goodness. All the pain, confusion, woundedness, and feelings of being subdued as if you are invisible, are worth it for the "righteousness" He works in me. It's worth it for you too!!!
     This week many believers  will celebrate "Easter." They focus on the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, the Savior of all the world. He died to free us from the power of sin, by taking our sins upon Himself. He died, so that whoever wants to receive His gift, can live forever with Him.
     One thing that is not emphasized in most Christians circles, (and I'm not sure if most Christians even believe  it) is that we, as believers, need to go through an experience of the cross also, so that our sin nature (or flesh) can be crucified. The earthquake I have just been through is part of that. The result is that more of Him will come forth or "be resurrected" in us, for He is conforming us into His image. (Another truth that is not taught.)
     So, I think one of the main focuses of "holy week" should be not only His love gift to us, but also how that translates to our own walk with Him, with the crucifixion being layed upon us. We should be encouraging one another to partake of "His baptism of fire" , so that His blessed will can be done in us, and then through us, in this world, so they can see Him, and come to know Him. But, I warn you, it won't happen without much pain. That is why He says to "count the cost" of following Him.
     I encourage you now, dear brother and sister. How do you make yourself available for this cleansing, you may ask. My belief is that you just tell God, saying something like, "Lord, I follow You to the cross. Bring Your baptism of fire in me! Crucify my flesh! I choose to suffer your afflictions than to delight in the treasures of Egypt, like Moses, before me, and as You submitted to our Father in the garden, even unto death." Or just tell Him your own words. Each one of us has an expression that He created in u, and He wants to hear from you, your way! Amen.
     I read the other day in His Word that Jesus said that He's got a baptism to be baptized with, and He won't rest until it's finished. Let's fulfill His heart's desire!

"And pour contempt on all my pride."


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