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Sunday, April 07, 2013

And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever!!!

     My husband and I are still waiting on the Lord's direction for us in a situation, and have been for about one month now. At first it was hard because my flesh, who is used to being in control, wanted a quick resolution, which truly showed lack of patience yet developed in me. Now, though, I am excited about waiting because with the waiting I am trusting in His timing, and I know that He will let us know when it is right according to His great wisdom. It is actually a relief not to know what to do after giving it to Him.
    This is a situation of great proportions, atleast to us. It is one which we have invested alot of love, time and money. It's the love investment that is affecting me most because it includes people we have known and trusted for several years now, and it could be possible that the Lord's direction could tell us to distance ourselves from them.
     When we truly put something before the Lord, or you could say when you give it to Him (remove it from your own control) you are saying that you trust Him and that you will do whatever He directs  you to do, apart from your own wants, needs, or ideas. In fact, He could give you direction which even assaults your heart.
     To take an extreme example of unmitigated trust, look at Abraham's faith which was tested even to the point of being willing to use his own son as a sacrifice, because God commanded it. So, it seems like God doesn't take lightly when we say we are trusting Him, and will do what He asks of us. He may take the thing, person or situation we treasure most, and ask us to put that  on the altar.
     There are several people involved in our situation who I love very much. They have treated me kindly and with extreme respect and humility. God has used them in my life to show me His submissive spirit, which I haven't seen much of in my life. I like that modeled before me, and frankly to me, as it helps me "see" what the Spirit of God in someone looks like, and I believe, has helped me grow in that direction.  And, I must confess, them treating me like this has helped me feel loved and has filled some of my emotional needs.
     And God could have me give that up.  As I type this, I am seeing that what I might define as God being slow may be that I need some more work done in me to be at a point inside where I am able to freely do that; to give up what I could be attached to which may be interfering with my devotion to Him. Hmmm................
     On the other hand, He could just be rearranging things, so that these relationships are brought back into proper balance, if I am putting too much into them. And of course, He could do a totally new thing that I haven't even thought of. But, I can be assured that when we do hear from Him, and do what He says, it will be GOOD, as His judgements are good, and just and true!!! He is the Almighty God. He is King! To serve Him by trusting Him in all that we do, it is our greatest joy because when His will is done, it brings Him glory on this earth, and the whole company of heaven, that looks on,  says,


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