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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Thy Word is Truth!!!

     I thank God that I know His Word. Many years ago, He led me to a Bible Study which opened me up to it. Then, I was off and running on my own, reading and meditating on His truths. I continued on in other Bible Studies, and personal reading as I journeyed with Him.
     I remember God talking about a time where there would be a famine of the Word of God. At first I thought that meant that Bibles would be non-existent in America one day, but now I am thinking He meant that because His Word is being doubted, watered down and misinterpreted by the flesh of man, that this famine has been "self-induced." The fearful part is that people in America are so hungry for His Word, yet don't know it. So many have been duped by the money hungry and preachers of ease and comfort, that they have quit searching for truth themselves in His Word.
     I love His Word, because I love and trust the God who spoke it!!! When I am confused and don't know what to do, I often find understanding by the unalterable truths in it. There are so many different doctrines out there, which are usually backed up by some pieces of Scripture, but often with a hook of error beneath the surface.
      If we don't know His Word ourselves, we will be led astray often not even knowing we have been, which God calls being deceived. If we don't love the truth, which is Christ and His Kingdom values and principles, which are written in His Word, He says we will be turned over to delusion. If someone doesn't have the fear of the Lord, they will not see the perilous danger they put themselves in by being willing to negate, waterdown,or treat His Word with contempt.
     I woke up this morning with an increased desire to eat of His Word more. Holding His truths in our hearts brings protection from the messages "out there in American Christian land" that sound so good, but that can cause our faith to be shipwrecked and not even know it. Again, deception is rampant.
     "Let God be true and everyman a liar," His Word says. I have come to the point where what man says, even if he espouses to be a preacher of teacher of the Word, I will not accept as truth. When it comes down to it, it is just you and God, with His Holy Spirit of truth, leading you into all truth. God's Word is truth. Don't push it aside for some easy-going doctrine that your flesh likes.
     Satan tried to appeal to Jesus in this way in the wilderness, and he continues to tempt us, God's children today to do the same.


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