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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Are You Asleep in Zion?

     In addition to the post yesterday entitled, "The Time Clock is Ticking," I would like to recommend a website which, it seems, contains many truths in it concerning the end times. It includes the Day of the Lord, and many sobering challenges to the Western church.
     We have been raised in a Mammon (money) filled environment, and it's possible that we have not even scratched the surface in understanding what it means to be the Bride of Christ in this world. The messages we've heard in the church system here, have progressively centered on the "benefits" to accepting Jesus and have eliminated  our love response to Him, except when it costs us nothing.
     We've thought of ourselves as "American Christians" as having arrived, somehow, and pedaled this mentality to other countries, when, in fact, it is possible that we have been woefully deceived, as we've filtered everything, even Scripture, through our own hedonistic minds. Our blindness to this possibility, and our stance to defend ourselves, could be only another indication of this truth.
     If you have looked around and suspect something is wrong with the picture of most Christians you know, you may be ready to consider that we have been duped by the prince of this world, even in "what it means to follow Jesus in this world." If you've noticed (or seen) it truly has become "all about Me," even though people sit in the pews and sing, "it's all about you," and yet their lives  reflect the opposite, you may be in a company of believers who are under the grid-His hidden ones.
     If you are wondering why I don't mention anything about "Easter" today in this post, it's because these traditions of men have become a stumbling block and a smokescreen to hearing from God in our lives. We are doing "Easter" with our activities, as Martha, but have neglected Mary's part (the better part) of sitting at His feet and listening to our Betrothed, leading us to His heart, and following Him unreservedly, by life or by death, as a Bride who has taken a forever vow.
    I have been sobered after reading some of this website. As you read it, if you dare, let the Holy Spirit lead you into all truth. Everything any person writes is not all truth, but He can take the true from the untrue, and seperate it for you, as only He is truth, and He promises to do that.
     I plan on reading more of it, as He has instructed me to delve into the "Day of the Lord" more deeply and learn, from His Word and by His Spirit, and it seems the time for me to do that is now! Can this be because the time is getting so close, and He is moving on His hidden ones to learn the truth, and to be prepared? might be advisable to get alone with God as you read. God bless you as you hear His voice, and take the grace He offers you to follow Him. Amen.
     If you are a Christian from another country, and you know what I am saying is true, would you pray for the blinders on most of the American Christians' eyes to be removed?  Or that they would be healed of their hardened hearts towards the Lord's voice, so that they would enter His rest, and know who they are as His Bride, responding to Him in life-long devotion? Thank you, our brothers and sisters.


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