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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Time Clock is Ticking!

     I am going to pass something along to you F.Y.I. (For your information) A friend of mine is the director of a ministry called Rural Restoration Adopt, which is an outreach to struggling farm families with the love of Christ. Every year they have a local conference in Sikeston, Mo.
     This year they had a speaker who is from Africa. He is a pastor who has come over to America, with a group of pastors, to live, and to intercede and evangelize America. They are missionaries from Africa to America.
      In his talk, he was led to give a prophecy he had received from the Lord. He was shocked himself to give it, as he had not planned to. He said that somewhere  between March 11-April 11, something was going to happen in America which would be of such  magnitude that it would not/could not be ignored. He said the President would say," We need to pray." And he said believers should be ready to help minister spiritually especially to those who don't know where to turn. In praying for this situation, he said not to pray to stop it, for it must come, but to pray that souls would be saved because of it.
     I am putting this forth so that you can seek God about it. I personally believe that it is very possible because of the unstable times we are in. I believe it will be something bad, because in His word God He tells us that things will go from bad to worse before the good finally comes through. (lawlessness increasing, earthquakes, the judgments, tribulation, anti-christ, etc., then the "new heaven and new earth.")
     I have a sense in 3 ways that time is running out. The first sense is from a spiritual discerning, as to the timeline of God. The second sense is because of my age, and knowing the average lifespan, and the third sense, now, is this prophecy which I see as entirely possible, and I am fully opened to it. Of course, time will definately tell.
     But, whether this proves to be true or not, God tells us to "live ready" for His return. He gives several parables about those who do, and those who don't and the consequences of each. And then He talks about people who are unaware because they are so engrossed in their own lives, that their discernment of the times gets less and less until they are totally unaware.
     He will come like a theif in the night, He tells us. Atleast to those who are desensitized to things of His Spirit. They go about their own business, and when He comes, their lamps are empty. There have been many interpretations of the 10 virgins, but the part about the door being closed on the 5 who don't have any oil is very unsettling, to say the least.
     Then He seems to tell us that those who don't give or reach out to others, He will not even claim to know.  He says when they didn't give to others, it was the same as not giving to Him, and when they did give, it was as giving to Him. In other words, if you are His, you will show it in your life by not heaping it on yourself, but you will have a giving heart like His is.
     The people of the earth in Noah's time had a window of opportunity to get in the ark; then the door was closed. Perhaps April 20th is when the door will be closed? Maybe something will happen of such great proportions that will cause people to have to pick one side or the other. And maybe nothing will happen, but be forewarned "today is the day of salvation." He's already given us enough cautions and warnings in His Word to "occupy until I come," and to live our lives for Him and others and not ourselves.
     When He comes back, will He find faith on the earth?

I believe there's still time, if you have been living for yourself, to shift your focus back to the Lord and His Kingdom, before the door is shut, but it's getting very close to the time that it will be!!!!


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