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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Responding to His Love

Old covenant-If you sin, you die. No hope.
New covenant-There is forgiveness for your sin. Hope through Christ.
What is the determining factor in participating in the new covenant? Turning unto Him, believing what He did for you is truth, and receiving salvation from His hand of grace and mercy.
     What about a grateful heart; is that necessary or can someone just snatch the blessing and go about his business of life? Does one's heart attitude towards "so great a salvation" matter to God? Is salvation something we just "get" to attempt to ensure living eternally with Him after we die?
     It sounds cold, doesn't it? To flippantly believe the truth without realizing the sacrifice on His part seems like a tenuous position to me. I know that I haven't reached the depths of understanding His sacrifice myself. Sometimes when I am listening to a certain worship song or hymn that is focusing on His sacrifice, I am taken to a deeper level of understanding, and there I find gratitude welling up out of the depths of me. I like it when I experience that. I feel a connection with Him then.
     I have prayed for gratitude in my life. I have observed and seen that I seem to take many things for granted, and I don't want to. I want to see and appreciate and be thankful for those things He has done for me daily. I want to especially see more of what He did for me on the cross in reality; the evidence of His love on a deeper and deeper level. I want to see the many layers of His love, and respond in heartfelt worship with my life.
     Slowly I've seen how He has granted me that prayer. Through His work on the inside of me, He's removed some of the barriers I've had that has blocked gratitude from being felt and expressed. I am now seeing more of the blessings He's brought into my life, and I am finding that I am expressing them to others slowly, and it feels good.
     There was a time in my life when "all hell was breaking loose" and what surfaced was the enduring reminder that God gave His Son to me, and for that I could give thanks. So, when all is stripped away, I think, we can see more clearly what really matters. His love remains. We can't be thankful enough!

     This song was the one God used to remind me of what is really important many years ago.


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