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Friday, April 05, 2013

The More I Seek You; the More I Find You

     I can't tell most people what the Lord has shown me; only my husband and you-the ones who read my blog. Since I don't know you and can't see your faces, I write and post and trust God with how you interpret it or in how you process it.
     The reason that I don't share much with people in my world is that I don't think most are ready to receive what He's shown me. In fact, some of those "revelations" I wouldn't have been able to receive myself a year ago. Each one seems to build on the other. The parable of the sower in Mark 4 affirms this. It says that whoever understands the word they are given and takes it to heart, will be given more. This is the parable that talks about 30, 60 and 100 fold. It's sad when preachers and teachers use it to speak of people getting money. The "riches" we receive primarily is Him (the pearl of Great Price) and the truths of His Word and Kingdom.
     Yesterday, though, I did find myself sharing something that God has shown me to a  woman who I've been having Bible Study with for a few months. She is opened to His new truths. I am saying "new" compared to the truths we have been taught in our churches that many hold on to, come hell or high water. Sad, that we are so sure, we can't open up to something the Lord, by His Holy Spirit, would show us to bring correction in what we had formerly believed.
     But, yesterday, as we studied and discussed many things applying the truth to our lives, I shared with her how her frustration may be God shaking up her day because He wants her to give it to Him for His use, instead of her creating a mental agenda of what she wants to get done. The problem has been with her lately that things and people keep interfering with "her list." She honestly seemed to be surprised to hear that God may want her day, and in fact, has never even considered it. Not until now, when things seemed to be falling apart.
     As I thought about what was shared yesterday, the Scripture came to me that says that our spiritual act of worship is to give ourselves as a living sacrifice to Him. That is what I was referring to yesterday. Our lives are broken up into days. Do we offer ourselves to Him each day so that He can use us for what He wants to use us for?
      You might say that you have a job, so how can you do that? Well, the Word says we serve our employers as we serve Christ. Or if you are a boss, we treat our employees as Christ treats us. (I am using the master/slave reference here, which I think is a fair comparison.) Have you ever thought that when you are on the job, that you still belong to Christ first, and that your service is to Him as you "serve" your employee or employer?
     I also found out yesterday (from talking with this same woman's husband on a separate occasion)  that some people don't believe that being in Christ and following His counsel from His Word applies to our everyday lives. I remain appalled at this. I guess people have put Him in a box; the box of the church building and leave Him there, go about their business day to day with their own disjointed answers, and then go back and "worship" Him on Sundays. Whew-amazing! Amazingly sad :(  !!!
     This truth of giving our lives as living sacrifices in our real, daily life for Him to use is but one of the revelations He has shown me. I long to share these wonderful truths with others, and sometimes I wonder why God has shown them to me. I feel responsible for knowing them. Maybe this understanding is to be shared more widely in the future in some way? Until then, I will just keep on sharing them with you, the worldwide, invisible , blog ecclesia.
     Maybe that is the sole purpose He's shown them to me, and that is o.k. I'm not looking for a large following. In fact, I'm not looking for a following at all. I want people to follow Him, and in all their getting, get understanding. I want people to seek God, and believe that they will find Him, or that He will make Himself known to them as He says.
     I find it fascinating that God says His ways are past finding out, and that He also says that He will show us great and unsearchable things, at the same time. I am beginning to love His seeming "contradictory" nature. I know that He is only contradictory in our understanding, and that He is God and all of who He is, we can and we will not understand, for He is God!!!!
    I encourage you to desire and dig for His truths and ways, and be filled with the richness of His Word. Seek Him and know Him and love Him and grow in His likeness! And, when He gives an open door, share what He's shown you, or just digest it. It is better than honey!!!



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