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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Part is "To Abide"

   Before reading this post, you may want to read the post on March 11, 2013 entitled, "Our Part-'To Let'" What I wrote about a month ago, shows that I was operating in more self-will than I am now. The post is basically a similar subject as this one, but the conclusion is slightly different, showing the work God has done. I believe "abiding in Him" is more in line with truth, than what I said in the other post. I stated there that we are to just "let" Him flow through us, and this one is similar but goes one step further, which is the root of us "letting" and that is of us "abiding."

     The Word tells us to "prefer others better than ourselves." Whoa, that smacks in the face of our pride and self-will, doesn't it? Looking at what this means, further, is really what love is, though.
     Love, always considers the other person. Being raised in this "me" and "my rights" society gives fuel to the resistance to consider others in this way,  which is already in us in our sin nature.
      His love certainly "preferred others" to the max when He gave up His life for us. Are we to do the same for others as we follow in His way, or did He die for us so that we could receive all He has for us only?
     So, do we "just do it" and is that how our flesh is crucified, and then overtime, we are changed? A kind of "fake it til you make it" exercise?  If we do prefer others frequently due to the training in our upbringing, then many times we are just ""dressing up our flesh" and are quite proud our ourselves, which of course is false humility; another form of insideous pride, and seeking for recognition. If we depend  on our will power, it will come to an end eventually.
     There was a time that I befriended someone in my life, who had such aberrant behaviors that drove most people from her. I thought I could love her like Jesus with His long-suffering and cause her to change. Well, after about 15 years, I admitted defeat. Looking back, I see that "I" wanted to look good, and be better than others had been. Sad, but true. Again, it was pride.
     Our love is putrid; our love is self-seeking; our love is manipulating and our love is self-motivated, whether we realize it or not. Only as we let His Spirit operate through us can true love flow, because it is His Love in us, and He only gets any glory from that. And, how do we "let" that happen? By continuing to "abide in Him." Out of being attached to the vine, our branch will bear fruit, which in it's very nature will "prefer others," that He may be seen.



  • At 4/15/2013 2:16 PM , Blogger RALPH said...

    I would say we are to just do them. Yet this is not as the world or "fake it until you make it". But in our intentions to live as Christ having a pure desire to please him he uses our efforts to reveal our hearts. It is this desire to please the master while seeing our inability what often causes us to cry out to the master. And this inhevitibly leads us back to the cross. Yet noone gets very near to the heart of the master without often becoming beside himself and completely disillusioned in there pursuit to Christ likeness. Thus most will live shallow Christian lives because they are unwilling to face divine disillusiinment that leaves one with nothing left to lean on, no self assurance, no confidence in anything else, having allowed divine disullusionment where the only thing that makes sence anymore is Christ.

  • At 4/15/2013 2:17 PM , Blogger RALPH said...

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