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Friday, April 12, 2013

His Strength is Made Perfect

     You know, the other night, whenever there was a prediction of storms with possible chance of tornadoes, I became afraid. That is not the first time. For some reason, over the years, storms have frightened me. Of course, I have had fears of one kind or another for many years, and I HATE IT!
     Counseling from others of "don't worry, be happy" or "God is in control," or even (what feels like) the shame-based strategy to help(?) of "fear is the opposite of faith," has not worked one bit in overcoming these awful feelings that take me over at times. I've even felt guilty because I am a Christian in even having them, which, of course, adds even more damaging emotions to the mix on the inside of me.
    It is amazing to me that some people truly have not experienced the feeling of fear; they don't even know what I am talking about. I can't relate. I know others get frustrated with me whenever I mention my fears, (which I hardly ever do because of this) and this too, makes me feel bad. It seems like everywhere I turn, I run into a brick wall.
    I have searched high and low to find out the reasons I might have developed this fearful mindset. I came up with a few possibilities, but can not prove any of them. I've asked God to remove them, and still I suffer with them. I must say He has lessened them overtime, and I'm thankful for that.
    Yesterday, as I drove to town, and was listening to christian radio, the DJ read the famous Scripture: "In my weakness, His strength is made perfect. My grace is sufficient for you." Was wondering as I heard that, if God was telling me that my fears (or weakness) are the way His strength is made perfect in me, and that it is because of those fears, that I rely on His grace. Maybe, I thought, I am just wanting to not have any weaknesses, so that I can rely on myself more, and not have to deal with these troubling emotions. Maybe He is telling me, and others who have weaknesses, or thorns in the flesh, that they can't seem to overcome, that He won't take them away, as He told Paul. Instead, He wants us to rely on His Grace for our imperfect lives, and let His strength be shown to us instead, so we will continue to realize our need of Him.


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