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Saturday, April 20, 2013

No "Buts" About It

     Accepting God's promises "hands down" or "as is" is to truly believe them-right? I know that many times, I have added a "yea, but....." whenever I have considered them. That "yea, but......" can be the source of doubt, and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't have it's origin in satan himself, appealing to the carnal mind, which is ruled by man's reasoning apart from God. No wonder the Word says that it is evil, devilish and sensual.
     We must fight this within ourselves. If we don't, what God has said He will do, will be watered down to only possiblities, or even chance happenings, or "well, I hope so's" which of course, waters Him down in our hearts, possibly ending up in destroying our faith all together.
     This force, our self will, desires to rule us, and thinks it can manage our life on it's own. With pride in check, it makes plans, executes them with  precision, and attempts to go it's own way. It's reasoning says, "I'm an intelligent person" and holds God's offer to lead us in contempt. It resists submission to His will, and denies itself His promises. If it were to accept them, it would have to admit that it needs help, and would have to divert it's trust from itself to Him. It' s pride would not permit such. It's core is independence; something satan is well able to work with unhindered.
     I am transitioning from a "yea, but" to an "amen" currently involving the promise of God conform me to His image, making my heart and mind as His. This is His will. I can rest in this. For so long, I had said, "yea, but we have to do our part," and had made it my business to find out what that part was. I have even posted on it.
     While I still agree that my part is to abide in Him, it's not really something I do, but something, or should I say Someone I rest and trust in. Isn't that what it means to abide? In other words, I can rest and trust in the fact that God will do the work in me, because He said He would, and He is trustworthy. I'm afraid me trying to "help Him" has greatly hampered the process. It may have even stopped it, because God may have stepped aside whenever I felt "I had it covered."
     It's such a relief to just trust God to do what He says He will do. I don't think new converts in other countries have as much trouble believing God's word as we do. I think they read what He says, and believe it. They aren't pulled by independent minds, nor do they have available all the commentaries, sermons and teachings about "what the Scriptures really say." I believe we put "man's intelligience" on a pedestal, even making it an idol in our society. In essence, we are really exalting man over God! We sanitize God's raw promises, in an attempt to make them more sophisticated.
     I heard someone from Vietnam speak once, and they said that in America we have educated demons, which appeal to our carnal minds. These are the forces we must fight against. We wrestle not with flesh and blood. Satan would use intellectual and prideful demons to reduce the power and promises of God to nothing, if we let him.
    So, if in your mind, you hear a "yea, but.........." when trying to trust in one of His promises, beware. It probably is that same serpent, who said long ago to Eve, "Did God really say?" Be prepared to fight back and say boldly, if only in your mind, "Yes, God did really say, and I believe Him fully. He does not lie, and He is faithful. "Amen.


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